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Mar 29, 2007 11:15 AM

Zengo, or other downtown places

Okay, so I'm a dolt and didn't make a reservation at my top choices for a girl's dinner out tomorrow night which were Oyamel, Rasika and Central and they are all booked up. How is Zengo? Is it worth going to? I heard they have nice drinks and small plate type food (good for the people I'm going with).

Or, any other suggestions for downtown eats for a night out? Just not Jaleo or Rosa Mexicano...

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  1. if you want to stay in the area, zengo is not a bad choice at all... very similar to that would be oya....
    both have small plates (latin/asian fusion for zengo, french/asian fusion for oya), good/fun/creative cocktails, and a trendy decor... have been to girls nights out at both...
    another choice in the area would be Poste, was just there last night on their patio... though no small plates, try the basil limontini...
    or, Cafe Atlantico... also delish, and their caipirinhas are fantastic!

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      Hmmm, Poste is certainly an option and good drinks are a plus, but I've already been to Cafe Atlantico and wanted to go somewhere different. I will certainly check the reservations at Poste though.

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        I find the service at Zengo to be snobby/rude.... just FYI.

        1. re: EricDC

          If you think Zengo is snobby and rude, have fun at Atlantico.

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          Just ate at Poste a few weeks ago. Much better than it was when in opened (I think they have changed chefs since then). Bar atmosphere is cool and you can't beat the patio on a warm night. Food and service was surprisingly good. Walked in without a reservation on a Thursday.

      2. Zengo is just ok. I think the food is acceptable at best and the drinks are far overpriced. I'd work hard to get into Central as it's the only thing mentioned in there that is truly great, or even good for that matter.

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          Love the food at Zengo--have never had a bad meal there. Drinks are definitely overpriced, but the mango mojito is phenomenal. Decent wine options too. Highly recommend ordering several sharing plates (lobster sushi is great, as is the ceviche sampler), and sharing the beef short ribs and/or rockfish entrees. (I think it's rockfish--the one with the miso glaze...mmm)