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Mar 29, 2007 10:55 AM

Broken arm--easy food to cook?

I was recently in an automobile accident leaving me in a cast from palm to elbow. Luckily it was my left (I'm right-handed). I live alone so eating/cooking is a one woman show. Anyone have any ideas for some easy meals that don't involve microwave meals, canned soup, or cereal?

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  1. I recently made a delicious new burger. Ground chicken, rosemary, garlic and dijon mustard (I throw in some cayenne). Make into patty, serves on a bun with pickles and mayo.

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    1. re: mojoeater

      mixing things w/1 hand has proved problematic. And there's the difficulty in holding a burger w/only one hand . . .

    2. What about chili or a crockpot stew? Both require a bit of prep but chopping onions/cutting up beef should remain pretty easy. And the cooking is done on the stove for a long time or in a crockpot - for an even longer time, with little needed from you other than a stir of the chili on occasion. :-)

      (And sorry about your accident - hope the cast isn't going to be on TOO long!)

      1. Can you hold down food (onion, pepper, carrot etc.) with your left hand while chopping with your right? Otherwise--wow---it's going to be tough.

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        1. re: Glencora

          I had more or less exactly your cast situation and cause two years ago and cooking was a total aggravation. Anything that involved chopping was difficult, but I found especially that with garlic and onion, even when I could hold them relatively well (after a couple weeks of healing) the liklihood of getting onion/garlic juice on the edges of my cast as I awkardly kept them in place was unappealing risk. I recommend cooking with a plastic grocery bag on your hand, because while it decreases the already limited range of ability, it helps a lot with not ending up with a well-seasoned cast that you have to wear for a month.

          1. re: Glencora

            I have a mini chopper, so that shouldn't be too hard. Chili or stew shouldn't be too taxing. Thanx. Good suggestion.

          2. If chopping is difficult, it might be worth checking out some of the more "packaged" fruits and vegetables. For example, if you bought the pre-chopped fresh stir fry mix vegetables and some sort of at least fairly small cut protein, you could probably pretty easily make asian meals of various sorts - probably rice though, rather than any sort of noodles since I am guessing draining might be a problem with anything pasta-like. Also, although they are not great, most grocery stores sell frozen chopped onions, peppers, etc. Once you cook them for a while they should kind of blend in and lose their previously frozen texture so they would be good in any sort of soup/stew. You also might consider the more "natural" risotto, rice and couscous mixes. They are pretty much dump and stir - they can be a little salty, but otherwise I think they are generally fairly good in a pinch.
            I hope your arm feels better soon!

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            1. re: LauraB

              Also check your grocery store's salad bar for precut vegetables.

              I would try some simple stir-frys over rice using the precut ingredients. I was going to recommend pasta, until I tried to picture carrying a pot full of boiling water over to the sink to drain.

              1. re: LauraB

                Sorry about your accident. I hope you get your cast off sooner than later :)

                I can't think of any one-armed cooking techniques, but I buy minced garlic from my local Korean market.

                1. re: MeowMixx

                  Two years ago I had to bake, ice, and decorate 100 mini cupcakes for my daughters birthday with a freshly broken arm (left as well, thank goodness!) WHAT A PAIN!

                  I sympathize with you!

                  A few suggestions, rather than the above mentioned plastic bag over your hand... I would suggest buying a box of latex medical gloves, from a drug store, costco, or a health supply depot, get XL and wear that while your cooking... keep odors and stains off your cast!

                  other than that... with everyday... things get easier! The worst i found was using a can opener!

                  the best advise i can give is KEEP UP WITH THE PHYSIO after your cast comes off! good luck

              2. I've been there...
                all good suggestions so far.
                Remember to think about how you will EAT the food you make:
                Sandwiches were easy to make, but them I realized that I couldn't get them to my mouth with both hands!

                other things that were a PIA with one arm in cast:
                flossing my teeth
                putting my hair in a ponytail

                good luck and a speedy recovery!


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                1. re: amyamelia

                  I've been living on sandwiches, so I seem to have mastered the technique (cut in half and don't have too many squishy/slippery items in them). As for the flossing . . . OMG! You are so right.

                  1. re: sheilal

                    get a package of the plastic floss sticks, you only need one hand!

                    1. re: pamd

                      I echo that one!! I use them, and have full use of both hands... I can floss while driving!