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Mar 29, 2007 10:39 AM

Marina Inn

Will be staying at the Marina Inn (Octavia at Lombard) mid April. Would like recommendations for neighborhood spots with excellent food. Cuisine is not an issue; not too casual and in the $50 or less range per person. Would like to be able to walk to the restaurant so I would say within a mile. Also any lunch suggestions

Originally was going to stay at the Holiday Inn Civic Center but CH concerns were raised about walking around at night in that area. Can I assume this area is safer?

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  1. Well, you should definitely have a meal at Greens at Fort Mason, which is right there, at Laguna and Marina Boulevard. The food is vegetarian, but is definitely very good. You could probably walk in for lunch, but I'd recommend reserving for dinner.

    The area is very safe.

    1. A16's the one major destination restaurant in the Marina area.

      Capannina. Rose's Cafe for breakfast / lunch.

      Anybody been to Bombay Feast recently?

      It's a relatively suburbanish, high-rent neighborhood.

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        Better. The two streets you want to focus on are Chestnut Street and Union and ... eh ... Polk. Nothing REALLY within a few blocks but walks up either of these streets will get you food. Not REALLY that close but accessable ... Gary Danko.

      2. Just to really confuse you, my advice is that you take a look at some overview of SF neighborhoods and see which one is most "you" - perhaps check out

        Personally, the only way I'd stay in the Marina is if it was free and I had a car. There's some great restaurants in the Marina - A16 is one shining example - but the whole vibe of the neighborhood creeps me out.

        I'd rather walk past a few stinky homeless people on the way to a tasty cheap dive in the Tenderloin, then walk a block in the Marina. But then, I live the Lower Haight which is too "edgy" for some people.

        1. Tom Yum is very good Thai food a few blocks down Lombard westward. Everything I've had there was very good to excellent except the yellow curry, which was a little tame. Zushi Puzzle (Lombard @ Buchannan) makes interesting non-sushi items but if you like nigiri or sashimi this is my favorite place. The live scallop and medium-toro and albacore are unrivaled imo. Orgasmica Pizza on Fillmore at Greenwich has slices good enough to seek out. Lettus on Steiner at Chestnut has a decent breakfast, and a tasty wild salmon on soba noodles dish. Home plate on Lombard at Pierce has good greasy spoon breakfast choices. Cafe Maritime (Lombard around Scott) has basic fish choices that are worth eating. A16 has great pizza, burrata and wine ( as well as other things),
          Re-reading your post, none of these places are anything but casual, except A-16. And the Marina is shiny but innofensive to open minded people not scared of rude rich people.

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          1. re: Neilo

            Update: Tom Yum's shrimp was pretty dry and tasteless last week. I usually get only veggie options so I can't speak for any meat dishes.

          2. I'll add Hime for Japanese food in a trendier setting (on Lombard near Cafe Maritime), Isa (Steiner at Lombard) and Terzo (Steiner at Union) for small plates, both doable in your price range if you don't have expensive wine. Mezes (on Chestnut) has decent greek food. Pane e Vino (Union near Gough) for pasta and pizza.

            If you don't mind walking somewhat uphill on the way there, on Polk street I like Yabbie's Coastal Kitchen for seafood, Pesce for small plates, Antica Trattoria for Italian, and Petit Robert is pretty good for neighborhood french. If you don't mind a steeper uphill walk, Luella, Frascati and Sushi Groove are on Hyde Street, near Union.

            If you want to splurge, Plumpjack Cafe (Fillmore St.) has gotten good press lately, although I haven't been there yet. And Gary Danko really is within easy walking distance :)

            There are Boulangerie bakeries on Union and Polk street for breakfast and snacks and Nectar wine lounge on Steiner for interesting wines by the glass.

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            1. re: Chilanga

              I was looking at the Plumpjack menu the other afternoon, and it was very interesting. We'd probably have eaten there had they been open.