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Mar 29, 2007 10:38 AM

Visiting LA from NYC

We are visiting LA from Williamsburg-Brooklyn, NY and are looking for food places to check out. We'll be there for about 4 days, staying in Hollywood, but are open to eating anywhere from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. We re artists in our thirties, don't mind a couple of splurges on things that NYC lacks, but are also into good cheap eats. Maybe a good farmers market driven dinner for one of the nights, some under-rated Asian (Japanese, thai, Vietnamese), but also a good greasy breakfast. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. 101 coffee shop is a good place for breakfast in hollywood.
    Hollywood Thai restaurant - authentic thai food - this is about the food and not the ambience but if you go on the later side like 9:00 - they may have some karoke performers.
    Yuca's on Hillhurst in Los Feliz - this is a tiny taco stand that won a James Beard award in 2005 - great for lunch.
    Hatfield's has been getting raves - have yet to go but this is your farmers market driven dinner - make reservations now.
    Campanile - this has been around for a while - but is really a fine LA restaurant.
    here is a recent thread about new restaurants in LA for your splurge:
    enjoy paradise.

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      these are really good suggestions and points of reference - and the earlier posts were useful too. have you eaten at nook? it sounds great. and i can't wait for yuca's!

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        I have not been to Nook but if it is a burger you seek try Father's Office. Also, there is some great mexican food to be had in LA perhaps the one thing you can't get in NY, at least I could not find it in the 12 years I was there.

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        Oy! I went to 101 coffee shop once, and the gf and I both thought the food was horrible (and we are pretty much on opposite ends of the culinary spectrum). Atmosphere Ok, but the food and service (and clientele) not so great. I feel like you can do better for greasy breakfast, though I'm blanking at the moment (not really my area of expertise)... but hell - even House of Pies would probably make a better greasy breakfast. I hear good things about Square One for breakfast / eggs - maybe not quite a greasy spoon, but worth searching the board for.

        Agree with the comments below about Korean; also check out the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) for Chinese (and Vietnamese) food; not hard to find good Chinese in NY, but to me, there's a different vibe (search the board for Mei Long Village, and for good pho places - avoid the pho places in K-town unless you're looking for Korean-made pho).

        I always want to take out of town folks to Thai Palms for Thai Elvis (call to find out when he's performing). It's a unique LA experience. Not as divey and fun as at the old location, but still pretty fun.

      3. I'm from NY also, and am always searching for great little whole in the wall restaurants. It's a little offputting when you pull into a parking lot, and the restaurant is next dooe to a Kmart, but unfortunately that's just the way it goes out here. If you like sushi, go to TAKE, on the corner of Sunset and San Vicente. It's fantastic. Great fish (try the salmon), great cooked dishes, too (the stuffed halibut). Chef Master Kino is great, and will take care of you, (he does work at his own pace though, and sometimes forgets stuff, so dont be afraid to remind him.) Order a bottle of sake and beer from Ya Yoi (Kino's wife, and also the waitress), sit back and enjoy the sounds of people talking over The Beatles, Journey, or Zepplin. Oh, and sit at the bar.

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          that sounds great - not too much press about TAKE anywhere else - really into it as long as the fish is nice and fresh. and classic rock always helps a situation too,

        2. For a good greasy breakfast - 101 Coffee Shop, Griddle Cafe - both great and close to you.

          Good burger by you - 25 Degrees in the Roosevelt Hotel. All kinds of toppings you can put on them.

          Late night food - Bossa Nova is open til 4am on weekends

          1. If you do hit up the Farmer's Market, you must go to Little John's and pick up a box of their chocolate covered toffee. YUM. I moved to NY a year ago and that is always on my list of things to bring back whenever I come to LA. Oh and get a Farm Brownie (The Farm of Beverly Hills is in the Grove next to the movie theater).

            Eateries there are okay - but that is probably b/c I used to work for the Grove and ate lunch there way too often. A lot of people like the Gumbo place, Banana Leaf is good, so is the crepe place. I actually rather get a machaca breakfast burrito from Benitos (on the corner of Fairfax & Beverly - I think, next to a Mobile) for lunch. Whisper Lounge in the Grove is a good for dinner.

            Sushi, Mexican and an In-N-Out burger are the things I miss the most from LA.

            1. You're going to be close to Thai Town, which happens to have a host of cheap, late-night eats that are of great quality. My favorite is Ruen Pair but there's also Sanam Luang Cafe and Sapp's Coffee Shop (featured in the LA episode of No Reservations).

              Not much Vietnamese between Silver Lake and Santa Monica, though if you head further east and southeast, you'll be able to find plenty of options.

              I sound like a broken record, but my favorite greasy breakfast is Doughboys. If you're looking for a real greasy spoon, there's also Swingers on Beverly.

              Be sure to stop into the Hollywood Farmer's Market. You can pull double duty and duck into Amoeba while you're there.

              If you're going to splurge, make it Spago or Urasawa.

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                farmers market and amoeba is right up our alley; perfect thing to do for us!

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                  Second the recs for Doughboys and Griddle Cafe, and also want to nod to Toast.

                  I sound like a broken record myself, but yes yes, splurge on Urasawa.

                  If you're at Farmer's Market on 3rd, try Loteria. You might grab a Bob's Donut, if you're interested as they get lots of praise here, though I've only had mediocre experiences here...