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Mar 29, 2007 10:35 AM

Top Family Friendly Restaurant in San Diego


I am meeting up with a friend in San Diego that I have not seen in five years, and she has two little ones around 5 years old. I am searching for the best family friendly restaurant in San Diego. Please leave me some recommendations. I don't have any kids, and she is not from the area, so we are lost. Thanks so much chowhounders.


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  1. Buca Di Beppo has a good kids menu. Lots of simple items for kids to enjoy.

    1. Corvette Diner in Hillcrest - Very kid oriented
      Sammy's Woodfire Pizza

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        I'd second Sammy's - they have several locations - The Corvette is good for older kids, but a little hectic and loud. Barbarella is also ok - though it might be out of your way if you're not in La Jolla.

        Ruby's is also a decent place for burgers, fries, etc. They have a location in Mission Valley and one in Carlsbad.

      2. Try Barbarella's in la Jolla, great kids menu plus coloring and delicious adult fare. Great family spot and a short walk to the beach after dining. A true San Diego hidden treasure.