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Muffaletta on a Monday?

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I have been travelling to New Orleans approx. once or twice a year simply to get some good chow.

Traditionally, I stop at Central Grocery the AM of my return flight and pick up 4 or 5 whole muffaletta's for me to carry on the plane. My wife and I split one on the plane and drop off half muffalettas for all of our friends. It has been a tradition enjoyed by everyone!

Well... I am flying home on Monday, April 16 and I have discovered that Central Grocery is now closed on Sunday's and Mondays. So -- is there anywhere else I can pickup up muffaletta's that wont be a disappointment?

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  1. In my humble opinion, there is no comparison to Central...not even close. But in the spirit of helping you out...Napoleon House or Frank's.

    Can you get to Old Metairie...because the second best in the city is in an Italian grocery store off Metairie Rd....

    Or you could use this trip to bring back different foods....Tee-Eva's (has a website)....Aunt Sally's pralines

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      Central Grocery stopped serving good muffelettas years ago. They now serve a big hunk of bread with almost no filling inside. Do some exploration around town to try some other versions. If you like Central Grocery's version, you will probably find several others that you will enjoy even more.

    2. All chowhounders must be alike, we do the same. Start a revolution of muffalletta eaters on the plane. I know people have been jeolous of us over the years - eating our muffalettas as we ascend into the sky. :-) Central Grocer should really consider setting up a small stand at the airport - first thing we eat coming in, last thing we eat leaving - works for me.

      1. hey, did you call central grocery about their hours? gm_smith reported on the 15th that they were open M-F 9-5... http://www.chowhound.com/topics/380247

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          HI - yes I did call and they are closed Sundays and Mondays. Thanks

        2. Buy Boscoli olive salad and make your own. Wal-mart and Target carry Boscoli in some places. We use Boscoli asparagus for Bloody Marys instead of celery too.

          1. I just got back from New Orleans last night at midnight, and I can confirm that Central Grocery is in fact closed on Mondays. Actually, a good portion of the French Quarter seems to be either closed, or open really late- something that didn't help this traveler looking for a Muffaletta for his 5pm flight home.

            Luckily, a friend of mine living in NOLA pointed me to Luigi's, just 2 doors over from Central Grocery. Better prices, more/tastier olive salad topping, and (what I feel personally) fresher bread make for a BETTER muffaletta than CG makes. You should have seen the looks I got from people on the plane who had to settle for their airline pretzels...

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              As with most things, it's all a matter of personal taste . . . my wife and I VASTLY preferred the muffaletta from CG to that from Luigi's.


            2. Take a small detour on the way to the airport and go to Nor Joe's in Old Metairie, just off Metairie Road past the railroad tracks. It is a fantastic Italian food products distributor that supplies many restaurants in the N.O. area. Three times the selection of Central, and the employees are actually NICE to you. Central is more of a tourist shop, Nor Joe's is where locals stock up . Their muffaletta's weigh twice as much with high quality meats and cheeses, you can call ahead and have your order ready when you get there. Thjey usually have some samples of dips and spreads available for tasting at the counter, a huge selection of olive oils, it is a real foodie heaven! It is less than 5 minutes off the interstate, take Metairie Road exit and turn left . On the right hand side just over the railorad tracks, take the small road and you will see it on the left just behind the shopping center .