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Mar 29, 2007 10:21 AM

"Bahn Mi" on Finch Bt. Keele and Jane

I was driving on Finch between Keele and Jane yesterday. I passed a place on the south side of the street called Bahn Mi. Looked kind of like the Vietnamese version of McDonalds (i.e. fast food). Anyone been there?

In 2006, I was at a branded Vietnamese/Thai sub place on 17th Ave in Calgary . The sub was very tasty, but It had cheese on it?!?!?!. Not very authentic, but good flavour nonetheless.

Wondering if this place on Finch is similar.

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  1. Its called the original banh mi factory. i was there about a month ago they could not estimate when they would be open for business. the place actually looks good inside. a complete menu with more than banh mi. slightly more expensive. looks good. iwish them success.


    1. the place is called the original banh mi factory (they have a website but it is currently under construction )

      it if very clean and very good, i first went there after reading a review in the star and tried it because it is closer than china town / roses to my area. they sell more then just subs, they have a huge menu (pho, american style subs, american/asian dinners, desserts and more)
      the owners wife used to run a pastry shop so the desserts are always fresh and of good quality, and they have a full bakery on site. according to the star they are from out west (could be the same place from calgary


      the subs run you 3.50 for a large 10" (not as good as roses, but still good and tasty) and if you spend more then $10 they will give you a free baguette to take home,

      they located on the south east corner of keele and finch and are open till 11pm on weekdays

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        "not as good as roses". Wow! Thats not saying much.


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          I've tried many banh mi places, and Rose Cafe is right up there. I love the baguette at Ba Le II on Dundas, but the fillings are less memorable. Nguyen Hong is pretty good, but Rose is better, imo.

      2. Yes - it is! I was also thrown off by the cheese but didn't really taste it with all the other flavourings, so it didn't make any impact one way or the other. Baguettes as mentioned are made on the premises, and are therefore very fresh. Price-wise, probably the most expensive banh mi I've had. All in all, our sandwiches were good but not good enough to take the place of my favourite (Ginger 3 at Carlton/Parliament).

        1. We've had takeout from the Original Bahn Mi Factory twice now. We also saw the article in the Star and decided to try it out. Not having ever eaten Vietnamese subs before I cannot say whether these are better than others, but I sure liked them. I chose the white baguette and it was so fresh and soft with just the right amount of crunch and good flavour. I had the satay beef sub (#8) and it was pretty good. It came topped with cilantro, carrots, daikon, tomato (I think), mayo, onions. I almost ate the entire whole baguette that came free with our meal it was so good. Apparently the free baguette is part of a promo that was supposed to end in April. Not sure if they are doing this anymore?

          My hubby is a Pho fan, so he chose the satay beef and beef ball noodle (#46) and my mother went with the satay chicken pho (#48). They both liked their dishes. I like that they keep the broth separate so that you can pour it in at home.

          I picked the vermicelli dish - #35 - grilled pork and spring rolls. I must say I've had better rolls - these were very small and do not travel well. They are probably better eaten right there at the restaurant. Also, although it was pretty good, I can't say the vermicelli was the best I've ever had. Not enough noodles or meat IMHO. I prefer the pork vermicelli at Saigon Palace. I can't remember if the prices are comparable to that of the Original Bahn Mi Factory or not.

          What I like about the Bahn Mi Factory is that it is fairly close to us (compared to downtown). Apparently they are planning to add a drive thru window so they are more like Micky-Dee's than we realized. The place is clean too, which is a huge plus.

          The little Deli Majoos - cream filled pastries that taste a little like donuts - are addictive. They were still warm when we got them home - yumm!

          Has anyone tried the magic pops? What are they? Last time we went they did not have any.

          Looking at the take home menu, they do have quite a variety of dishes available. Besides Asian sandwiches, vermicelli and pho, they have "European sandwiches," a number of salads, appetizers such as hot wings and chicken curry puffs (#53 - OH THEY ARE SO GOOOOD!) cookies, desserts and pastries.

          Word of warning: they only take cash!

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            magic pops are sweet puffed rice cakes (you can find them easy at large Asian markets like T&T)

          2. The original comment has been removed