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Mar 29, 2007 09:33 AM

Ah...Santa Fe in May...with children?!?!

We're going to be staying at Bishop's Lodge May 7-11 with a 3-yr old and a 6-mo old.
Last time we were in Santa Fe was 7 years at Inn of the Anasazi, WITHOUT kids.

Looking for recommendations of kid-friendly places to eat and explore.
We try to be considerate and not go to places that are calm and a treat for kidless diners...but we don't want Chipolte/Baja Fresh/McDonalds either.

Thank you.

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  1. Some kid friendly but adult worthy places in Santa Fe are:

    Zia Diner on Guadalupe Street- great home-style cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Cowgirl( Which is across the street from Zia)-great local hangout, sit outside!

    Osaka (at Cerrillos and Zafarano)- japanese style cooking at the community table,also sushi

    Il Vicino-great pizza!

    Santa Fe Bar and Grill at Devargas Mall- just good food

    Pasqual's(not especially kid friendly but is a must for breakfast for any stay)

    San Francisco Bar and Grill( same owners as above but this one is downtown upstairs on San Francisco Street)

    That should get you started...Have a great trip!

    1. We're staying at Bishops Lodge this weekend. We live in Albuquerque and kind of want to just veg, and not trot back into town to eat at the usual suspects in Santa Fe (especially on a busy toourist weekend). How is the food at BL? I think we'll stop at Callies Cajun (blue trailer) on Old Pecos Trail for Cajun and pick up some pie at Harry's.. Should I also make a Trader Joes run?