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Mar 29, 2007 09:25 AM

Carolina Gold Rice Pudding

OMG! this recipe is incredible I used their rice grits, the broken grains from milling, this is not your mother's or grandmother's rice pudding. The rice gets soaked in milk 4 hours to over night and then cooked. after cooking it gets combined with a creme anglaise. The recipe said to cook the rice with 1 vanilla bean or to add 2 tsp. vanilla to the creme anglaise. I found that to be too much so next time I will just use 1 tsp vanilla,but to compensate this time I added some Old Grog Rum. Server it all up with a fresh rhubarb compote. Make this, it is to die for and is certainly a company worthy dessert served up in a pretty coctktail glass. If you can't get the Ansom Mills Carolina Gold Rice I'm betting a well aged quality basmati would be wonderful too.

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