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Mar 29, 2007 09:03 AM

DC restaurants that are child friendly

Will be going to DC with a 2 year old who is very well behaved but still a 2 year old. staying at the JW Marriott and looking for some restaurant recommendations. have seen suggestions for tabard inn and vidalias - are they child friendly? would like to stay away from usual burger joints. thanks.

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  1. I've seen kids at Tabard, especially around the holidays, but I don't think it's extremely convenient for a small child. It's crowded and there isn't much room for a squirmy little one to roam. The JW Marriott is metro-friendly and so you have choice of almost anyplace that is metro accessible. But for some ideas that are relatively close to you...Jaleo seems to be very kid friendly, especially during the day. Austin Grill would be just fine. Ella's Pizza is always serving kids. If you hit Zaytinya early, when there's no wait, it would be relatively child friendly, especially if you sat in the "shorter" side of the L-shaped dining room where a high chair could be accommodated. In China town, most places are very family friendly. I see lots of kids at Old Ebbitt Grill, too. In Dupont, I've seen kids treated quite warmly at Sette Osteria and at Bistrot du Coin (don't go during peak hours - it's loud and crazy). Have fun.

    1. I've seen a lot families with happy kids at 2 Amys. The atmosphere there is rather noisy and busy -- not sedate, where a child might stick out. Also, the pizza is awesome, delicious, can't say enough good things about it. They also have great salads and small plates.

      1. Some ideas (I have a 2 and 5 year old)
        1-Lauriol Plaza. My kids love sitting on the rooftop and looking down at the cars below. It’s not the best Tex-Mex food you’ll ever eat or anything, but it’s is a great atmosphere on a nice day.
        2-All the ‘small plates’ places are great choices for kids – Zaytinya, Jaleo (see above). They seem to be used to dealing with kids due to proximity to MCI Center.
        3-Ethnic restaurants in general are good with kids – I like Thaiphoon for Thai. I also heard there is a nice new Thai place on 19th street (where Fin used to be).

        People always recommend 2 Amy’s when talking kids and DC restaurants. To be honest, I’ve never been but I hear from my friends that it is ‘filled with kids’. You may be looking for kid friendly but don’t necessarily want to be in a sea of children so be forewarned.

        Oh, and don’t even think about Rosa Mexicana – they looked at me like I was crazy at 2pm on a weekday with my kids (not exactly prime time). I need to write a post about how much I hate Rosa Mexicana here compared to the great one in NYC (but that’s a subject for another day).

        Oh, and I think Vidalia and Tabard are a bit too fancy for small kids.

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          I agree about Vidalia. Tabard brunch might be OK. 2Amys is kid central on the weekends or at early dinner time. It's loud at the best of times, and I just don't go there anymore for that reason.

        2. no kids, so not *really* qualified to answer...
          the couple that runs one of my favorite weblogs about DC food,, rates the each restaurant they go to and review with a "diaper rating" depending on how friendly the restaurant is to their toddler...
          you should check that out!

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            Vidalia's is a dress up place that I've never seen a small kid at. Scratch that. Chinatown, a 15 min walk east (or metro ride), which also has lots of non-Chinese places, is definitely a good place for kids, as are the places along the way on E Street, such as the above noted Austin Grill (tex mex). I also note the Press Building Food court, on the other side of the block of the JW Marriott has been reburbished, and the tex-mex place, Moe's is really good (try the taco salad, silly name and all, with steak and vinagrette), and has a non-burger kid meal and small tacos.

          2. I went to Mandalay in Silver Spring last night around 6:30 and there were many kids there. The restaurant even provided these floor covers for the diners with children. This is place is in Silver Spring and is a quick walk from the metro. It is a Burmese restaurant with really interesting food and low prices.