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Mar 29, 2007 08:38 AM

Cookbook of the Month poll

On the voting thread for April, there was some interest in just cooking from "Patricia Wells at Home in Provence: Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France" for the month of May, instead of voting for the month of May. Would the majority of the hounds rather do that or vote for a new one? Thanks!

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  1. I'd be happy to cook from it - I've enjoyed some of her other books.

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      I have the book and several others by her. It is an okay book. In the French vein I find Susan Herrmann Loomis' French Farmhouse cooking more interesting and also her On Rue Tatin is an amusing read and good cookbook.

      1. Oh shoot. I went to pull this off my bookshelf to glance through it before responding, only to discover that I don't have it! Argh. I have Patrica Well's The Provence Cookbook. I've had it for a couple of years, never cooked a bit from it, but thoroughly enoyed the hour I just spent with it.

        Anyway, there seemed to be a lot of support for At Home, so I think that's fine. I'll likely not buy it, but I might check it ouf of the library or look for recipes online.

        Thanks for all of your work on this Katie Nell!

        1. The book is terrific. I love reading it, and love the recipes. I recently made the Daube and it turned out to be exceptional. People actually swooned. So many other wonderful recipes I want to try.

          1. I got the book from my library after learning it was a contender for this month's selection. There are def. some recipes I want to try, so I'd be more than happy to have this for May's book.