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Local honey?

With allergy season just around the corner, I've been looking into alternatives to the antihistimines I routinely take. Some believe that eating honey from local bees can help reduce sensitivies to pollens, as the bees are using that same pollen to make the honey. Hey, I'm willing to try anything to avoid the annual months of misery. Does anyone know of any local honey producers? I will definitely hit the honey folks at the St. Lawrence Market, but I just thought I'd check here first for any additional knowledge. TIA!

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  1. TorontoJo, there is a honey vendor at the St. Lawrence North/Farmers' Market on Saturdays. He's a really sweet man named Henry Nauta, and his products and apiary go under the names of Meadowview Honey and Penauta Products. His apiary is in Stouffville.

    Tel. (905) 640-1564

    1. I might try this as well. I love honey and I have pretty bad ragweed allergies in the fall.
      Do you know if there is a certain amount that you are supposed to use?
      As an aside, I saw on a recent episode of Martha, that the bee population is in jeopardy of becoming extinct, or close to it - pretty sad.

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        From what I've read, a couple of teaspoons a day. Apparently it's best to start this a few months before your allergy season.

        And yes, there are those that say it's just a placebo effect. But any effect is good, as far as I'm concerned. It helped my brother last year, so I'm going to give it a shot.

        Thanks, everyone!

      2. phil mathewson on saturdays in front of the church off of stephanie!

        total organic lover and gets the bees from his own backyard. i really enjoy his wildflower honey...

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          The bees may be from his backyard, but a honey bee can travel 5 kms from the hive...unless every property within a 5 km radius is certified organic he can't call his honey organic

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            I have some local wildflower honey that I really like. I got it from a guy selling it at the Dufferin Grove market who used to be there regularly (and maybe still is). I've also seen him in other farmer's market type places around the city.

            I wonder if it's the same person, I recently ran out of honey and can't find the time to get out to the Dufferin market so I'd like to find him somewhere else.

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              i don't believe he is since the last time i saw him he was lamenting that certain producers had gone over to dufferin grove or elsewhere rather than work with him.

          2. I know nothing about honey, but there is a relatively new store in the Alderwood Plaza, at Brown's Line and Evans Ave. I don't think they have particularly long hours, but they do seem to be open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. I'm not sure about Saturday's.

            1. I know that even if the label on the honey jar has a local address for the 'manufacturer', that the honey may have been sourced from multiple beekeepers in various locations. My only direct experience with a producer has been with Susan Frame of Pinecreek Honey ( http://www.pinecreekhoney.com ) in Georgetown. The Big Carrot carries her honey. I'd recommend calling her at 905-702-5722 for advice before buying.

              1. I second the St. Lawrence market location. I have a very fussy coworker who is into organic food, healthy living etc. and he always buys his honey there.

                1. Bees Universe gathers honey from beeyards in various Ontario conservation areas. They sell their products at various farner's markets. I've bought from them at the Thursday market at Dufferin Grove. Tasty honey. Other locations are listed on their website:


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                    He is also at the East Lynn Market in the east-end on Thursday. (seasonal)

                  2. You may be confusing honey with pollen . I did it for years and it really helped a lot . The way I took it was to start a couple of weeks before allergy season with a half teaspoon. Over the next two weeks work up to a tablespoon and take it all season long . I had fall allergies so I took it until the first frost . I also got the pollen from a local apiary but I lived in Montreal at the time . As I say it worked for me .

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                      Four years ago I read the same suggestion regarding local honey AND bee pollen for allergy cessation. My boyfriend had terrible allergies, so I bought the stuff at Noah's Natural Foods. He had a spoonful of each and off we went to a movie. He almost died driving the van,
                      from some sort of reaction. I dont know if it was too much or allergy to bee pollen. He just wasnt in the mood to experiment any further.

                    2. If you are looking for REALLY local there is a place in the St Lawrence Market that is selling Island Honey (as in Toronto Island/Cherry Beach/Leslie Street Spit). It is in the organic produce store across from Mike's Fish towards the back.

                      It isn't the cheapest stuff (I got a creamed honey) but it is some of the best honey I have ever tried!

                      1. Check out the Ontario Beekeepers' Association website for local honey.

                        There is a store in Toronto called The Bee Shop that sells Ontario honey at reasonable prices. They also have an online store.

                        I know the Royal York Hotel has rooftop bees that they use in their restaurant but I'm not sure if they sell the honey. I've seen Ontario honey sold at various farmer's markets including the Saturday Wychwood market and as other's have mentioned, there is the SLM.

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                          My dad swears by Staite's unpasteurized honey.....makes me pick up a bottle every time I head out Stouffville way....Stouffville country market on 10th line to be exact. The beekeeper sells direct from a stand there. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can get some within Toronto.

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                            I think Staite's might be at the Metro Hall’s Farmers’ Market (which is open for a few more weeks).

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                              Just this morning I saw a sign advertising Local, Organic Honey in the window of the Spice Trader on Queen across from Trinity Bellwoods.

                              Spice Trader
                              805 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

                              Bellwood Restaurant
                              756 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E9, CA

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                                I"m not 100% sure if it's Staite's, but there is a honey vendor there that I've seen
                                Also, whenever there's a small festival at Yonge & Dundas there's usually someone selling honey & pollen. I think I may have seen a lady at the Sick Kid's Market - but it may have just been for facial products...I didn't venture a look. But by sheer chance, if you happen to be strolling around on Tuesday then maybe it's worth a peek? Wish I could be of more help!
                                In Korea, there are places where you could buy honey comb, which is actually quite tasty when cooked. I wonder if there's a place like that here?


                          2. This post is old, but I'll reply anyway.
                            Check out this awesome bee-themed event, happening soon:

                            Also, I think the farmer's market honey seller that some people mention in this thread might be Brian Hamlin. He keeps beehives on Georgina Island First Nation, Toronto Island, U of T and Scarborough. He sells at a few Toronto markets.
                            Scroll down to find him in this vendor list for Withrow Park market

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                              Also, the Fairmount Royal York hotel makes their own honey.

                              I also really like the melon honey from Thames River Melons, near London, Ontario. Their bees pollinate the flowers in the cantaloupe and watermelons fields of their farm. They sell at many Ontario farmers markets, including East York Civic Center and Downtown Milton.