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Mar 29, 2007 08:17 AM

Beta group?

Hi guys, any hints on what might be upcoming for beta testers? Like to know before I sign up and possibly have to deal with bugs, etc. Unless, of course, it's secret, which is why it's beta. ;-)

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  1. We're going to be introducing a beta testing phase before we release new features on the live site. People who sign up may be invited to check out changes on our test site, before we launch them. You'll get to push all the new buttons and send feedback on bugs, issues, etc.

    Testers will access the test version of Chowhound via a slightly different web address, so it won't interfere with your normal use of the live site--we won't thrust potentially unfinished software on you as your only way of getting your Chowhound fix.

    Also, we'll be rolling out test access slowly to a limited number of people, so even though you've signed up, you may not get an invitation right away.

    -- Jacquilynne, Chowhound Community Manager

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      Thanks for the helpful info, Jacquilynne! :-)

      1. re: Jacquilynne

        How can I get involved? I am a HUGE chowhound fan (I tell everyone I know to use the site as a resource), and I am going insane with the current/recent lack of search functionality - the site is effectively useless!


        1. re: josholken

          Hi, Josh. Keep your eyes peeled for the next sign-up period, when Engineering is looking for more volunteers. There may be more opportunities to join the beta test for future releases.

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            I had so much trouble with it I wasn't able to participate -- I was only able to log on to the beta site once, but the map feature froze on me, then I was locked out of logging on to Chowhound at all for at least a week (tried purging the cookies and all that).
            I would still like to participate next time around, though! :-)

            1. re: Covert Ops

              Same here - when I was finally able to clear caches and get back on, I really found it hard to figure out how to "fool around" with the feature and didn't really find it useful, although I did find the thread with discussion from other beta testers was quite interesting.

              1. re: Covert Ops

                Here's a status thread on the Technical Help board.
                Sounds like it continues, however, I'm locked out and no one's helping me get back in.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  To clarify, beta is currently suspended while Engineering works on changes arising from the last round of testing.

                  1. re: Jacquilynne

                    Maybe in the future, when the beta site gets shut-down for revisions, y'all could send an email to those that were selected as participants letting them know what's going on? That'd engender a lot more goodwill than just suspending things and leaving us scratching our heads.

                    1. re: ElsieDee

                      Thanks, we'll try to do that, or post a notice here letting people know.