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Mar 29, 2007 07:58 AM

where can i find: RED TORTILLA CHIPS?

Hi everybody!

i need to find red tortilla chips by saturday. i have seen them before so i know they exist. i think they were even naturally coloured, maybe even organic. need to be all red not a mix.

preference for etobicoke or downtown but will welcome all suggestions.

thanks sooo much!


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  1. Whole Foods has a huge selection of organic tortilla, etc. Have you checked them out?

    You can also email the contact at this company:, email:
    and ask which stores in Toronto carry their red tortillas.

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    1. I just updated my post at the same time that you were responding to include another company to try contacting.

      1. HL, I was just in First Canadian Place and they have the Quepasa Red Tortilla Chips on the shelf at Kitchen Table (concourse level)

      2. Definitely try the Que Pasa red tortilla chips. Their chips are organic, tasty, crispy and not greasy or salty. They should be fairly widely available - I know Fiesta Farms on Christie north of Bloor also stocks them.

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          I agree - these are great. They are also available at St. Lawrence Market, at the Saturday morning north/farmers' market (there's a guy with a range of salsas who stocks them). Or, if the west end is convenient, Qi Natural Foods on Roncesvalles has them.

          1. re: chloe103

            Cheapest price for Que Pasa chips is Dominion in either their miniscule organic section or the junk food aisle depending on which store you're in. Tasty because they're organic and loaded with fat.

            1. re: Googs

              Edgars Latin Foods on Queensway (between Royal York and Parklawn) has red and green ones

              He has great fresh papusa's on Saturdays too

              1. re: ssainani

                Edgars only has multi-coloured tortillas (I need just the red ones) and red tostadas.


        2. Dominion also has Neal Brothers which is also Organic - smaller bag than Que Pasa and a firmer chip, depending on what you are doing with them. For dipping in guac I prefer them, though I like the taste of Que Pasa better.