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Looking for hidden gems in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

Moved to Williamsburg about a year ago and I have hit some good places in that time but I feel that I may have overlooked places that long time residents just know to go to.

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  1. hard to know how hidden's hidden... but sometimes overlooked places that have been around for a bit...

    kasia's diner and joe's busy corner for lunch
    diner (berry & broadway)

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      i second joe's busy corner. The pizza place across the street is good too.

    2. Don't know that its hidden, but i think the Brooklyn Pizza Gallery on Havemyer near n 8th is underrated and overlooked.

      There are a few cheap mexican places towards the north end of Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint that probably qualify.

      I think the Frankin Corner Shop, on Franklin and Huron (or India?) is a great place, with an awesome cuban.

      Siam Orchid on Metropolitan, not hidden, but tiny and often overlooked, probably has the best Thai food in the area.

      There are some good Italian places, such as Cono's on Graham ave, that are worth checking out. Some people swear by Frost Restaurant, but my 1 meall there was not so good.

      I don't really know East Williamsburg/Bushwick very well, but there are probably some places out that way.

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        the franklin corner shop has great sandwiches. apparently the heroes at an italian place (the name unfortunately escapes me, but it's near casanova restaurant) on mcguiness as you head into l.i.c. are superb. i've yet to try, but my bf swears by them.

        on manhattan ave, the donuts from peter pan are wonderful. they're the best i've had in the city, and the place has a great lunch counter atmosphere.

        the pernil from casa mon amour on franklin st is very good, and i'm looking forward to trying more of their menu. it seems like a winner. another little place that consistently delivers is pio pio riko. i love their salty, spicy rotisserie chicken and the various enormous seafood dishes (stay away from the bistec, though).

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          The italian hero place is Frank & Son Hero's. Its not bad, I just remember them closing early, like around 3pm.

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            yes, they close very early, as they cater to laborer/contractors/sanitation crowd, whose hours are something like 6am -4pm.

            And Franks is closed on Sunday. And their coffee is not that good. Its OK, but I've had better at delis elsewhere in greenpoint.

            Franklin Corner does make awesome sandwiches. The Artie is good. So is the Louie.

      2. Gimme! Coffee on Lorimer, Grumpy's Coffee on Meserole, Brooklyn Label for brunch on Franklin at Huron, Oasis Falafel on N7th @ Bedford, Marlowe and Sons for...everything! seriously, the chacuterie and cheese, oysters and chicken pate are all delicious.

        1. I lived in greenpoint for 19 years of my life and the best plce to eat i believe is Casanova Resteraunt on Mcguinness blvd and Green Street. When i was about 8 years old i remember sitting in it when they were first opening. The owner Sal let me help out in there. they have the best food in greenpoint. My memories are from about 20 years ago.

          1. Valdiano's, on Manhattan Ave. a few doors north of Nassau/Bedford. A crappy pizza place in the front but pretty good (not haute, but good) cheap pasta, vegetables (broccoli di rape and even escarole sauteed in lots of garlic) and soup (pasta i fagioli) in the back, and the owners are very sweet.

            Old Poland Bakery on N. 8th btw Bedford and Berry in a horridly apple-green building. Mostly takeout, and the selection varies somewhat from day to day, but it has ruined me for the Polish food at my former standbys. Their bigos in particular is delicious, at least to my tastebuds, and they serve several different fresh vegetables, which is amazing for a takeout place. It's also incredibly cheap. Waitresses are mostly cold if you're not Polish, but that just adds to the flava.

            It's not really hidden, but the Italian wine bar at N. 7th & Wythe is a wonderful little place for panini, salad and, of course, wine, and lacks the junior trendster scene that ruins many places in the 'hood.

            El Bahia on Grand Ave. is a nice change of pace if you're a gringo - Salvadorean food.

            I've only been to Moto once or twice but I'd second that rec. based on my small experience.

            1. Oh! How could I have forgotten Matamoros Pueblo, the Mexican grocery hidden in plain sight on Junior Trendster Central aka Bedford Ave., btw N 6th & 7th on the east side of the street. It's sort of like a glorified taco truck in the back. Wonderful, cheap, completely authentic, swig down a Jarritos while you eat, and nab some nopales on the way out.

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              1. re: Maud

                This was my first "hidden" thought. It's great. We like to do take-away, since table space is pretty precious.

                1. re: Maud

                  And so secret and rustic that they've got a computerized touchscreen order entry system! Good tortas. Mmm.

                  1. re: hatless

                    Oh, I am so underwhelmed by Matamoros every time I go. Perhaps it was my many years living in California spoiled by Mexican food, but I really find their tacos bland. I get angry when I go because they are so uninspired. For my money, I'd much rather go to the Red Book ballfields for that sort of cuisine.

                    1. re: chompchomp

                      This is becaues its not CalMex or TexMex. It is authenic Mexican. Even down to the side of radishes and fresh chorizo. Only thing missing is the salsa in the plastic lil bags.

                      1. re: mingt

                        There's a lot of authentic low-end Mexican in Brooklyn and Queens these days. Matamoros is good. I'm not gonna knock it, it's an asset to the neighborhood, but let's not get carried away.

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                        i think the tortas are the way to go at matamoros. for good bodega tacos, try zaragoza on avenue a.

                  2. I just have to second the previous commentor's mention of Valdiano on Manhattan Ave. I love sitting in the back of that place for hours. Those guys will take care of you and the food is Sicilian I believe. The gnocchi is delicious!

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                      Love the guys at Valdiano and some of their entrees are pretty decent, but oh the pizza is really not good...

                    2. Cafe Relax on Newell off of Nassau, one block beyond McGuinness. I've been eating here since they first opened. It's home style Polish cooking, enormous portions and ridiculously cheap. You order at the counter and sit at one of the bare bones tables and wait for the kelnerka to call out your order, which you pick up and bring back to your table. The one thing that's off-putting is that the English translations for the Polish menu are kind of weird, and may seem unappetizing...and Poles are not the friendliest of people. You don't see too many Americans in this place.

                      I recommned the pierogi (any kind, but the potato and cheese are the best), the chicken and pork cutlets (with an enormous helping of mashed potatoes, sauerkraut salad - I don't like their cooked sauerkraut, though - or cucumber salad, or beets; you can pick two), the zurek (white borscht), the tomato soup. My mother likes the flaczki (tripe soup) but I'm not an offal girl. The nalesniki are good, the potato pancakes are delicious some days and horrible others. You won't spend more than $10 per person, and that will include an over-sized bottle of Polish beer.

                      1. Last find I found was Katsu in greenpoint off manhattan. Small and easy to miss. Its real home style japanese cooking. One thing you might notice is that its run by an older japanese couple. Nice folks but, sometimes it seems they just open shop when they feel like it.