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Mar 29, 2007 07:50 AM

Fette Sau is open in the WB

I had heard that Fette Sau was finally open, so a buddy and I walked over there last night. First off, wow, the place looks great and the food smelled amazing. Its in a car repair shop and its seating is only long picnic tables. It was crowded, but manageable, I noticed off the bat that ordering was going to be an issue. You get in one line to get drinks and a separate line to get the food. The problem with ordering the food is one person takes your order, cuts your order and measures your order. You see everything is served by the weight so it takes awhile. I think they will figure out how to speed this part of it up, so I am not going to hold it against them for the time being. So onto the food; we got the:
-1/4 lb of smoked bacon
-1 lb of brisket
- 1/2 lb of flank steak
- 1/4 lb of sausage
-1/4 lb of baked beans
The food total was $39 after tax, and it was a lot of food. They have 3 sauces to choose from; a smoky ketchup, a Tabasco-y bbq sauce & a vinegar type. None of the sauces impressed me so I ate the meat sauce-less, which is the way to go. The rubs used on the meats are great. The meats were perfectly smoked & spiced. Since the placed is owned by the same people who own Sputen Dyvil, you know the beers are going to be good. They sell the beers by sizes too; we got a half-gallon of Capt. Lawrence for $16. It will be interesting to see how this place does, how many people will venture out to Williamsburg for some of the best BBQ in NYC (I am from the South, and I believe I know good bbq when I eat it) and if the neighborhood kids will keep coming back.

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  1. Thanks for the early report, I've really been looking forward to Fette Sau. Was it crowded?

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      All the seats, probably about 40 people, at the picnic tables were somewhat full, but people where leaving while we waited to order. There were about 3 groups of people ahead of us, but it took about 4-5 minutes to help each group, so 15-20 minutes later it began to thin out. The entire time we were there, the line was never less than 4 people. Be prepared to wait, this isn't a place to bring hungry people who want to eat and go.

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        1. Some tips. Been there one time after 8pm and another just after it opens at 5pm.

          Get there when it opens the bbq was so much better. I suspect its the heat lamps that the meat is sitting under dries the meat out. Going early the pulled pork ribs and brisket were perfectly juicy.

          For the sauce you mix them together to your own tasting. I like 2part ketsup and 1 spice and a lil vinager.