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Mar 29, 2007 07:48 AM


My wife and I frequent Mandarin Noodle Deli in Temple City ...
Last night we didn't feel like waiting for a table there so we tried a new place :

Dumpling House
921 S. Baldwin Ave. #A


We originally ordered 3 items :

1. beef and onion dumplings
2. beef noodle soup
3. mapo tofu

Mapo tofu came first - it had a strong peppercorn taste that tingles the tongue afterwards.
We told the waiter about the awful aftertaste ... what happened next was a surprise.
He got a pair of chopsticks and tried a tofu right from our dish ..
The waiter might as well have joined us for dinner at that point ... he said it tasted fine.
We asked to have it removed and with some hesitation the waiter did so.

The dumplings came next and on my wife's first bite she got a bonus ... a small rock grain
We decided not so say thing - we didn't want to have the waiter join us for dinner again ..
Besides the surprise rock pebble we found - I thought the dumplings were alright ...

At this point noticed other tables ordering the beef pancake roll so we figured - let's try it.

The beef noodle soup arrived - it was basically bland, tasteless, and was warm at best ...
I had to add a couple of spoonfuls of chili just to give it some taste ...
They use a thick noodle that looked good but was soft and overcooked ..
The beef was ok - I just wished that there was more than 3 pieces...
By now my wife didn't even want to try it ...

10 minutes went by and we were ready to cancel the order of beef pancake roll ...
It finally came after asking number of times if it was ready - I think they forgot to order it.
It was the best dish we had all night .. but by the time it came we were already to go.

Before we left I asked where the restroom was - it was outside around the back.

From a scale of 1 to 10 - I rate it a " 4.5 " at best ... but for sure we will not return.

Next time we're just going to wait for a table at Mandarin Noodle Deli.

Overall we thought the experience was AWFUL

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  1. You should try Dumpling House in Rosemead off of Rosemead Blvd. and Las Tunas next time. I love their beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes, and fish dumplings. There usually is not a heavy weight. I think their hand-made noodles are better than Mandarin Deli.

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    1. re: WHills

      Yes Dumpling House on Rosemead is yummy, also Luscious Dumplings on New and Las Tunas (they have weird hours). Run a search...there's a detailed thread on them. I think it's hilarious how he tried the Tofu, hahahh that's classic!

      1. re: willwork4food

        Sorry to hear about the bad experience. On the bright side, the using the chopsticks to try the tofu was quite funny.

        Luscious Dumpling is good, but they close whenever they run out of dumplings, so it's best to go early. Noodle House in Arcadia has Shou Gan Mian, which are hand-kneaded noodles, unlike the hand-pulled noodles from Dumpling House in Temple City.

    2. Maybe the peppercorn taste was Sichuan peppercorns? It *is* a Sichuanese dish, though I think it's often rendered in a not-very-spicy way.

      1. the tingling on your mouth was not a strange aftertaste-- itwas szechuan peppercorns. there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. the peppercorns until very recently used to be banned in the U.S., so unless you have eaten chinese food in a country w/o the restriction, it was probably a very new and strange experience for you.