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Mar 29, 2007 07:36 AM

Napa/Sonoma Itinerary for 3 days?

I'm making a third return visit to Napa and Sonoma in a few weeks, and trying to figure out a good itinerary. My priority is mainly tasting wines that are harder to get in New York City, from smaller places. Not that interested in elaborate tours. Willing to make appointments if necessary. Price is not a huge factor, but I want to spend more time in Sonoma because it is less expensive and the places are smaller.

My initial thought is to break it up like this:

Day 1
Sonoma Dry Creek Valley/Anderson Valley

Day 2

Day 3
Sonoma Russian River Valley, etc.

To give some idea of places I like, I am a member at Dutch Henry Winery in Napa, and Seghesio Vineyards and Gundlach Bundschu in Sonoma. I will visit each of those again this time.

Advice much appreciated!


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  1. Hey, Jonas,
    A great number of posts have detailed insights as well as website addresses, phone numbers, etc., of wineries in each of these areas. Enter Dry Creek wine or
    Russian River wine or Napa wine as your search terms and a plethora of info
    will come up, much more than individual folks could write in response.
    BTW, I would switch Day 2 to Day 3, because Russian River is very
    close to Dry Creek...just so you're not driving so much. Have fun.

    1. In the RRV, highly highly recommend Porter Creek; incredible reds (syrah, pinot, carignane) and whites (viognier, chardonnay) and it's definitely low profile. "Tasting room" is a small wooden shack. For zins, I receommend Harvest Moon and Joseph Swan. Kosta Browne, while isn't under the radar anymore, has stellar pinots.

      In Napa, stick to the Silverado Trail and check out Regusci (cabernet).

      In Anderson Valley, try Stonestreet. Although the tasting room looks very "slick", the mountain grown fruit they grow makes a variety of delicious reds/whites.

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        1. In Napa, here's 3 (all need appointments -- I can't stand the big group tours):

          * Schramsberg: great champagne tasting in historical property with 19th century caves. Fun and educational.

          * Pride Mountain: in hills behind St. Helena. Tour emphasizes vineyard practices (soli, trellising, etc.) which is a nice couterpoint to all the winery visits. Excellent wine as well.

          * Kuleto: really a visit to Mr. Kuleto's world of food, wine, agriculture and architecture. He's a famous restaurant architect (Boulevard, Farralon, etc.) and all round fun guy. This is his estate for the ultimate wine country lifestyle.

          Have fun!

        2. I'm just curious why you are spending so much time going from Sonoma to Napa and back to Sonoma... During those drive times (I'm assuming in the evening), you could be sequestered at some lovely establishment, dining on fabulous food and sipping on a bottle while watching the sunset.

          1. Be sure to try Dutch Henry's Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is absolutely incredible.