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Mar 29, 2007 06:51 AM

Is there a high quality bulk iced tea maker?

I go through 1-2 of the cheap ($30) Target specials every couple of years. Is there better device to make a gallon of iced tea at a time?

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  1. My husband is an avid iced tea drinker. We use the 3QT Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot and have had it for about 7 years. I make a pot every other day and sometimes daily. We usually buy an extra pticher or two since that's what goes first and they keep redesigning the darned thing so you can't find replacement pitchers!

    In the summer time, we make sun tea by the gallon. There are inexpensive glass jars specifically for sun tea that are really cheap (screw on lid, plastic spout etc). Ours is all glass (glass lid) with a metal spout and it makes a gallon +.

    1. Why not just use a big stockpot or large bowl or something? Then just strain through a mesh strainer.

      1. I just use a $3 gallon pitcher, turn the tap to hot, throw in some iced tea bags (the Target-brand ones are actually pretty good!), then fill with hot water. Then you just remove the bags when done brewing (~5-10 minutes), and there you go! No machine needed.