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Mar 29, 2007 06:29 AM

Fish sandwich

I am a displaced Pittsburgher new to the area, working in Bethesda and living in Germantown MD. In the burgh there are dozens of places that serve their own version of a huge fried fish sandwich, but I have not found one here. If anyone knows of one, please share (the location, not the sandwich!).

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  1. try aamonns in old town, super pollo in ballston, and market lunch at eastern market for a start...

    1. Completely out of your way, but the only huge fried fish sandwich worth eating in DC is at Horace & Dickies at 12th and H NE DC. Four pieces the size of your forearm on Wonder Bread for $4.85. Faidleys in Baltimore does a similar one, but I know of none in Montgomery County.

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        OH MY GOD, so true on Horace and Dickie's. I was waiting for shot and a haircut ($12 Tuesday nights at the Red and the Black, an Atlas District bar), so I decided to look around for somewhere better to eat and found myself at Horace & Dickie's. "Tiny Place + Line Out the Door = Gonna be cheap and good" was my thinking - and it was so right.

        The sandwich was HUGE (four pieces of of fried fish on white bread - though it didn't actually in any way fit ON the bread; each piece was twice as long as a piece of bread is); CHEAP (less than $5), and amazingly delicious (USE the hot sauce!!!)

        Can't wait to go back.... oh baby.

        1. re: EricDC

          Horace & Dickie's is definitely the best cheap choice. For an upscale version. go to Breadline on Fridays.

      2. It's no Wholey's or Benkovitz (it isn't even the fried fish sub at Armstrong's), but Cameron Seafood isn't bad and there appears to be one in Bethesda.



        1. Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton does a sandwich version of their fish and chips that I like.