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Mar 29, 2007 05:42 AM

Do You Feel Guilty About Carrying Out at Buffets? [moved from Boston board]

I love Indian food. Sometimes I go to an Indian buffet lunch and order carryout. They give you containers and you fill up to your heart's content.

The problem is I tend to full guilty about doing this - because the containers hold far more than I would eat at a buffet luncheon (can feed 2 - 3 for dinner!)

Kashmir on Newbury gives several really large containers to use for carryout.

The container at the Kebab Factory is fairly large.

The container at Bombay Club I thought was a bit small.

Obviously, I could put less food in my containers. But my question is do you think it is ok to fill your containers (that the restaurant gave you) to the brim?

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  1. I do no think restaurants should offer carryout when they are serving a buffet. That being said, if they do, and if they give you trough-sized take out containers, then it seems to be your choice to fill them. Otherwise they would give out smaller containers.

      1. CF

        When I first saw the title i said OMG, thinking you first ate at the resto and then did a doggie bag. Deep sigh.

        The resto gives you a container for to-go, use it. Ifthey wanted samller, use it or go to the first resto. As you mentioned one was bisg and one was small.

        10-15 years ago when there was a mongolian BBQ place in town with that big round skillet and Mrs jfood was out of town i would to-got from there. It was one plate for $XX. In typical Jfood fashion I figured out that if you put the lo mein noodles on last, on top of the frozen slivered beef, chicken and veggies, your amount was much more than if you put the noodle in the container first. Obviously the resto knew as well as they put the noodles first in the conga line.

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        1. re: jfood

          Guilt, especially when it comes to food, is for chumps.

          1. re: beevod

            Most of the take-out buffet places in my area charge by weight. They put your container on a little scale after you have filled it, and charge something like 5 bucks per lb., or increment thereof.

        2. Guilt about doing what they want you to do?

          Fill them to the brim (and more).

          1. i'm surprised they allow take-out off a buffet. however restaurants (especially indian) make plenty of money on buffets. what portions they allow is not your responsibility.

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            1. re: hotoynoodle

              The owner of the family-restaurant chain where my wife worked (admin, not operations) always said of their all-you-can-eat promotions... "It's all you can eat, not all you can carry!"

              Surprised at the policy described above.

              1. re: MikeLM

                I'd say go ahead and fill up. They often end up throwing left overs away anyways so think of that if you feel guilty. Maybe you don't have a large appetite because I've never been given take out containers for a buffet that would feed 2-3 of me! If they wanted you to take less, they'd give you smaller containers.