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Mar 28, 2007 11:01 PM

Sette or Paradou for brunch?

Has anyone been to either of these two for brunch? Both get very lukewarm reviews for dinner from multiple sources, but I need a place that takes reservations, for a party of 7 adults and 3 children (all under 2 years old). I OpenTabled for 10 people and these two seemed the best in terms of menu and price. However, the many complaints on citysearch and yelp re: service for both places worry me a bit, esp with 3 very sweet-natured but very young children in our party. Would love to hear any other suggestions - anywhere in Manhattan is fair game.

(not a very chowish question, sorry... friends started making babies, and priorities have to be temporarily reassigned, at least for one meal... promise to make up for it with a solid trip report involving 5, maybe 6 dinners in 3 nights in April...thanks!)

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  1. I love the brunch at Paradou. Service can be a bit slow but always super friendly. I don't know what kids that age eat but the menu doesn't strike me as being very kid-friendly, and you may also want to consider that its a quite a small place so bringing and storing 3 big strollers may be a bit of a pain.
    I haven't been to sette, but in terms of looking for brunch places, have you considered landmarc? the food is good, they have a kids menu and there are always tons of kids milling around at brunchtime (which is why we try to avoid brunch there).

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      Thank you! That's exactly the information I needed. Landmarc it is.