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Looking for Broasted Chicken...

I have a very fond memory of eating Broasted Chicken at a funky little country style restaurant in King's Beach (Lake Tahoe) as a kid... Anyone know of a place near Auburn, Oakland or San Jose? Willing to travel a ways if necessary :)

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  1. Folks, please keep your suggestions focused on the SF Bay area. We define that as the counties that touch the SF Bay.

    For Auburn, Lake Tahoe, and points beyond the Bay Area, please respond to epicurgirl's post on the California board: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/385962

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      Haven't tried it but

      Dipuccio Catering and Pasta Shop
      4710 Meridian Ave
      San Jose, CA 95118

      Broasted Chicken
      695 E 14th St
      San Leandro, CA 94577 (ok ... between SJ & Oakland

      Please report back if you try them.

    2. There's a place on Broadway in Oakland (near 51st or therabouts, in the little strip across the street from Oakland Tech and near Burger King) that has a sign that says broasted chicken. I've never been, but I drive by it all the time.

      1. Spivey's restaurants in circa-1960 San Jose used to say "Home of the Original Broasted Chicken."

        Spivey's, more like large 50's era coffee shops, used to be all over SJ. Never ate at one except out by Valley Fair shopping center. I think this family business is long gone. http://www.cestcop.com/corner.htm

        1. what is a broasted chicken?

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          1. There's a Broasted Chicken in WestLake shopping center, near Trader Joes. Been there since before the remodel.

            1. I haven't been, but from yelp this place has a good version.

              Maharlika Restaurant (Filipino food)
              3671 Thorton Ave (@ Moraine St which is between Fremont Blvd & Paseo Padre Pkwy)
              Fremont CA 94536

              1. Unfortunately my reply seems to have been removed by the moderators -- hey guys, Daly City is in the Bay Area!!

                Anyway, there's a place in the strip mall at the end of John Daly Blvd (off 280 just north of SF -- very easy to get to) that looks really old school that features Broasted Chicken. It's on the East side of the mall in front of TJs and Cost Plus, near the UPS Shop.

                I don't know if it's take out only, while my grandmother loves Broasted chix, I haven't been drawn to try the place.

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                  ok, so i was in a campy mood, and suggested to some daly city chums that we actually try this place. they actually agreed, so off we went. it's in the westgate shopping mall, as bernalgirl suggests. small storefront. there's a sign in there that tells a bit about the broasting process, which cooks rapidly "to the bone" while retaining moisture.

                  basically, it might've been special in the 50's or 60's, but like bowling and tv dinners, the glory days have past. the best i can say for the whole experience was that the one piece of dark meat i tried was noticeably moist. the white meat, however, was neither moist nor tasty. my guess is that they don't brine, and rely too much on this 'broaster' to make the chicken good.

                  they also have fish, but this does not appear to be broasted, and in fact looks like frozen van de kamp's or whatever. thin on the filet, thick on the breading. the french fries are i think what was called 'krinkle cut', again reminding me of frozen cafeteria fare. even the 'atmosphere' is institutional. so for $6 or so, you get to enter the broaster time capsule and dial yourself back a few decades. woo hoo.

                  perhaps the most promising thing, however, is that the place is run by koreans. at least i assume this to be true, since broaster weary patrons can order bul go gi or tempura from the side menu. now that's progress.

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                    Apparently there are two broasted chicken threads in progress right now. Here's the other with more ideas.

                  2. I've seen a restaurant that advertises broasted chicken on Market Street. I was on the bus, so I didn't investigate further.

                    It is mid-Market, on the north side of the street - somewhere between Powell and Van Ness.

                    Anybody been?

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                      It's at Fell and Market Streets in San Francisco, I spied it from a MUNI ride, too. It's Broasted Chicken on the corner of the building but, this is neither Auburn, Oakland or San Jose.

                    2. You can get broasted chicken at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital cafeteria, they sell it by the piece and you can choose exactly what you want from different baskets. Go early (11:30am-12pm) because they only fry batches for lunch so if you arrive later the chicken gets dry from the heat lamps. It tastes very good, but its ironic that they sell this stuff in a hospital, guess it keeps the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons in business. If your a vet they even have free valet parking for you.... Ahhhhh, nothing like broasted chicken in style. Otherwise for all others park up front in the visitors lot and enter the building through the main doors and walk all the way down the main corridor until you reach the cafeteria on your left.