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Mar 28, 2007 10:22 PM

Friday visit to Sabry's (Astoria) ... any suggestions ?

I have intentions of going to try Sabry's on Steinway this Friday evening. When I walked in during the week recently, the fish did not seem as fresh as I'd like it to be. Even so, I'm still willing to give them a try -- maybe just an off day. I'm remaining hopeful that they replenish their supply for the weekend customers. Any suggestions for dinner and what tagines, if any?

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  1. I recommend the squid and shrimp cooked "oven" style. It comes in a fabulous tomato dill sauce. The last time i was there orders of their special shrimp appetizer were flying out of the kitchen. I didn't have one myself but it looked great. Whole shrimp in a green sauce. Maybe someone can elaborate on the sauce ingredients? Sorry I don't have more info on that.

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      Grilled Octopus. Baba Ganoush. Eggplant. Tahini. Fresh Pita. Grilled Calamari. They rock.

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        correction: the tomato/dill preparation is the tangine. The "oven" preparation is for whole fish, cooked in the oven with lemon slices, tomato and onion. very good. sorry for the mix up.