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Mar 28, 2007 09:29 PM

Socal (transplant) Hound coming back to NJ - ISO

Ok, not that the food is bad out here, but I am craving, no, NEED the following after a few years....looking for any changes in the list (good/bad?) or new to try near Oradell? But willing to drive!

Italian Sub (They put MAYO on them out here!?) - Italian Touch Deli (Township of Washington) or Casa Del Sole in Woodcliff Lake.

Pizza - NY Style Thin. I think it was called, Original Italian Pizza? Township of Washington I think it's across the street on Pascack Road in a strip mall with a grocery store and movie theater.

Bagels! - Many places for this. Not the hard small thin tires they serve here.

Indian - Lots of good places here, but my sister's family is craving it - and do you really need a reason to eat good Indian food?? Bhoj in Elmwood Park? Mela in Ridgewood? Maharani in Bergenfield (closed)? If not, one in Fort Lee?

I hate to say it, but I am also going to get White Castles and Dunkin Donuts Coffee and Donuts!

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  1. for the sub, on kinderkemack road, river edge, just past the diner, in the strip mall is a great italian deli. joe's i believe. great fresh mozzerella, subs, etc. everything you could want is in ridgewood. a mano and brooklyn for two different types of great pizza. don't eat at white castle, go to white manna in hackensack for great burgers of that type.

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      A great big YES! to the sub place on Kinderkamack (though they tend to be expensive, IMO), Brooklyn Pizza (especially with those roasted red peppers that melt into the sauce, and the char on the crust- cash only), White Manna (the real deal, baby!), and Chowpatty, as sixelagogo posted below, for quality Indian. The Maharani in Bergenfield was never up to the level of the one in Fort Lee, fwiw. It's been a while, but I used to believe that you certainly could get a good meal in Fort Lee if you ordered wisely, but it was also about 15-20% more expensive than its competition and still not 'great'.

    2. Please go to Iselin (it's near edison) and check out Oak Tree Road's indian. It's only 45 mintutes away on the GSP and a true eason never to eat Bergen County Indian Mediocrity. Chowpatty restaurant is my favourite spot and is, quite literally the best Indian I've ever had...It's south indian, which you don't see a lot of, and a real budget...Here's their web address

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        In Oradell, Ronnie's Bagels is the place to go...they are famous for their whitefish salad and I'm particularly fond of the marble rye bagels. For thin crust pizza, Kinchley's in Ramsey (right off route 17) is the best around. Nelly's in Waldwick supposedly has the Kinchley "recipe" but it is not quite as good as the original.

      2. re: "MAYO on subs"

        I live in central NJ (near the border of "sub/hoagie") and I've been experiencing a great change is subs at "local" places (have never had Blimpies/Subway- but maybe it's their influence?). Several "upscale" places serve subs on very hard "Italian bread" these days- not tradition, local bakery "sub rolls" (by which I do NOT mean the "hot dog roll" texture bread found at chains). I don't know- I love good crusty Italian bread but it doesn't seem right for a sandwich, to me- it's difficult to eat, for one.

        I also come across a lot of places that ask "What do you want on it?". Now, to me, a sub should be the chosen meat/cheese combo and lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, italian herbs. That's it. IF I want something extra or deleted, I should ask for that. I'm getting tired of having to EXPLAIN to the guy at the counter what a submarine sandwich IS "...lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, italian herbs...", but if I don't, who know's what I'll get. (I heard the owner behind the counter tell the Mexican guy to put MAYO on my ham, capicola & provolone sub yesterday, after I told him all those ingredients- tho' I certainly did not mention "mayonaise".)

        In addition, prices seem to be all over the place, and the change in rolls means some places now have "regular" and "large", instead of "half" and "whole". I paid $11 for a "large" (I'd ordered a whole sub, but this thing was maybe an inch longer than a traditional half of a sub). Also, there's a tendency to put a LOT of meat on these "gourmet" things (close to an inch thick- and "folded" as in a wrap...). I suppose that somewhat justifies the price, but it's not the classic mix of tastes (good bread, o&v, lettuce and tomato, meat and cheese). Oh, an balsamic vinegar doesn't work on a sub, either.

        (As for a Southern California sub- I once say a sign "East Coast style submarine sandwiches" when I worked as a truck driver in the LA area. Hadn't had a sub in about 6 months, so I stopped in. Was served this "thing" on a hot dog roll, some meat and cheese, no mayo, tho'. Who'd put mayo on a sandwich that has RELISH on it!)

        1. I've been away too long. HOW could I forget Kinchley's? AND White Manna! (You are probably right about White Castles, I think I only have been there after a few beers after a game at the Meadowlands) :) Thanks for all the tips. Not sure I can make it to ChowPatty's but I'll definitely let my sister's family know.

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            Welcome back to NJ!!! So, I think you've got some great spots here. Now, if you want an "Italian" hero, your own design, there is a great Italian deli on Kinderkamack called Dante's. It's right next door to Sanducci's.

            As far as burgers -- yeah, the White Castle, White Manna thing is a must, but there are some great burger joints around -- The Iron Horse in Westwood, Davey's Locker in Park Ridge, The Bicycle Club in Englewood, and JD's Steak Pit in Fort Lee.

            Bagels and Pizza -- yeah, Ronnie's is well known. Don't know any specifics in/near Oradell. Kinchley's is top notch for thin crust. For Indian -- can't help you at all.



          2. Just a quick update from the trip.
            Joe's on Kinderkamack in River Edge, is now called Simple &Sweet or vice versa? Got some good hot and cold subs there, saw someone pickup about 4 lbs of fresh mozz. which looked really good! Great setup, had the nana in the back cooking away, I would recco it.
            Did Indian twice, Mela and Priya (in Suffern). I enjoyed Priya more - both good though.
            Ronnie's bagels was good. Is that a small chain? I think there were a few more in Bergen county? The Bialy's there are a wee bit onion-y. Never did Kinchley's or White Manna, those are going to have to wait till next time.
            Thx again all.

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              Ronnie's Bagels has stores in Oradell, Hillsdale and Norwood. Next time, try the Thai restaurant Pimaan on Kinderkamack Road at the Oradell/Emerson border. We don't have great restaurants in this area, but there are a few decent ethnic restaurants.