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Mar 28, 2007 09:03 PM

Hoek's Pizza Shuts It's Doors This Saturday Night

If you want to get a slice of Hoek's pie[and enjoy the tender strains of Slayer playing softly]do so before close of business Saturday night as they are closing.They are streetside just west of The Ritz's the Ritz closes to be converted into the Alamo Drafthouse we are losing the best slice on 6th St.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Does anyone know what the Alamo is planning on doing with this space? It seems like they would use it for the kitchen but would they keep the pizza window open? I hope they serve Hoek's pizza instead of Alamo pizza. =)

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      1. re: crumley

        The plans for the Alamo remodel put the kitchen in the front, with one end right at the window. It is likely that the window will stay open, serving Alamo pizza. No word whether they will start cooking larger pies for slices instead of the personal sized pies they normally serve.

        1. re: karrieleague

          While I loved oldschool Hoek's, I must agree with other posters: Alamo's pizza outstriped Hoek's about a year ago (or more). If Alamo pizza were to be served from this window, it would be a boon to all sixth street.

          1. re: tom in austin

            After a hot,salty and delicious slice fresh out of Hoek's window last night I beg to differ....the charms of the Alamo are many but the pie....well it is not the food-al equivalent of their film booking prowess.....long live Hoek's 1992-2007

      2. We're not losing a thing. Hoek's is not owned by the same person that owned it a few years ago. I had it a couple of weeks ago. It was *terrible*, not what it was in years past.

        Goodbye and good riddance. The wake was held last year....

        1. I haven't had Hoek's in a coon's age, but I associate it with being uncomfortably hot and sweaty, and I remember the pizza being more salty than anything. Can't say I'll miss them, but they are kind of an institution.

          1. The original comment has been removed