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Mar 28, 2007 08:31 PM

Final Four in the West SFV?

If you were a group of adults wanting to watch a few of the Final Four games on Saturday, and you happened to live in the West Valley (say, perhaps anywhere between Encino and Calabasas), where might you go to enjoy some decent food, a good selection of beers, and be able to cheer for the Bruins on a big screen?

We tried The Rack at the Promenade Mall (in the space that was formerly the Wolfgang Puck cafe) and left as they had no tables other than billiards in the bar. We ended up at Yankee Doodles (plenty of screens, decent beers, okay food) to watch, but it wasn't really our scene. We're hoping to do better this time.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, and GO BRUINS!

cookie d'oh
UCLA '93

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  1. What about UWink at the Promenade mall? If you call ahead maybe they will set aside a corner for you and you'll be able to watch the game on several screens at the same time 10A. Inbetween, a few beers, foozball and a couple of appetizers!

    1. You might try the Sagebrush Cantina....

      1. I second Uwink. They have projection tvs all over the place, so everyone can get a good view of the game. The food is not bad either.

        BJs on Canoga in Woodland Hills might be nice also.

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        1. re: WHills

          Really? From your review last month, I wouldn't figure on a recommendation, but if the TVs are that big/many, it may be worth a go.

          We also thought of Sol y Luna (even though the bar is small, the food is good), and Stevie's Creole in Encino, but we don't know it well enough.

          1. re: cookie doh

            Given what you are looking for, I would go to Uwink. The last time I went for lunch on a weekend, there was a game going on, and the tv projectors showed the game off of almost every wall in the restaurant, so people sitting in any seat could have a good view. You asked for decent food, and food at Uwink is decent, and they have a good choice of drinks, although I don't know how great the drinks are.

            BJs would be my other choice, but it may be hard to get a good seat at the bar by the tv unless you go early. They would have a good choice of beers and decent food.

          2. re: WHills

            BJ's is my favorite, although they have stopped making beer on premises. TVs everywhere. Might be crowded since there are not that many alternatives in the West Valley.

            1. re: Golem

              Thanks, all. We tried uWink first, after doing a visit and hearing that they'd be showing the games anywhere we wanted. They were very accommodating, but as it turns out, they would not be playing the sound along with the games and there was a private party in the back room where we were told we could watch. I love the food idea - order, modify, etc., and wish we could have stayed. It is a very family friendly place (it is the West Valley after all), and we wouldn't hesitate to bring our kids next time.

              We ended up spending our afternoon at BJ's which worked out perfectly. The food is what it is - better than Yankee Doodles at the very least. The wings surprisingly good (though the bleu cheese was thin and sweet), salads were more than serviceable, chicken pot stickers were pretty good, the burger got raves, and the sandwiches were above average (there were 8 of us, and we were there for a while, so we ate a lot). Above all, the service was excellent. If you are in the market to watch the non-UCLA championship game on Monday night, BJ's is a great option.