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Mar 28, 2007 08:17 PM

Four Seasons Westlake, CA

Anyone been to the new restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake? Staying at the hotel this weekend and was just curious before we make reservations...

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  1. dkrocks - There are a few places to eat in the new Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village: Onyx Sushi bar, the main dining room, and a small health food cafe. Additionally, you could eat on the patio, but I am not sure which restaurant serves there.

    I can speak to the sushi bar, and considering that you are there on a weekend, I would advise reservations, bar or table. Unless you really don't like sushi or prefer a more formal dining set-up, the sushi bar is very pretty and you can always sit at a table for a restaurant feel.

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    1. re: liu

      Thanks alot for your quick response! will try the sushi...

      1. re: dkrocks

        Please report back. I was there when they first opened, and I am hopeful that it will improve with time. Having checked out all of the other dining sites available, I still believe that the sushi bar is a good option -- if the menu suits you. There are many choices besides traditional sushi.

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      1. My friends went for afternoon tea and said the food was lovely but they served bagged tea. I just cannot imagine why.

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          EEeeeeew (with TWO capital "E's"!
          I think if an establishment is striving for a certain level of excellence, that level must be consistent all the way through for them to achieve integrity. When I experience such lapses in consistency here-and-there, such as fine china service with a tea bag, it truly upsets their message of "this is what we are" for me.
          Does this make sense?

          1. re: Snackish

            not good - thats a drag...
            i will definitely report back after this weekend. thank you all for your thoughts.

          2. We dined at Hamptons during the holidays after it had just opened. The food, service and decor were all very good. Emphasis on fresh ingredients and a variety of seafood and meat entre options. I would go again.