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Mar 28, 2007 08:17 PM

nice, not too fancy eateries in Manhattan

My mom, grandmother, and two aunts are visiting New York this weekend. It is the second time my nearly ninety year old grandmother (she's in great shape though) has ever been and the trip if for her to go to the opera. I would love to help them find some good places to eat while they are there but I don't think they are into really long meals or anything overly expensive though. They will be staying near the Met.

Thank you!

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  1. This is a pricey neighborhood... if your feeling for chinese which may be the cheapest option try Ollies Noodle Shop Btwn 67th & 68th St on broadway. But if your craving for Italian, La Vela Btwn 77th St & 78th St Amsterdam Ave seems to be a nice place with reasonable prices. gl

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      these recommendations Ive given are in the METROPOLITAN OPERA area

    2. If they don't mind a trip across town, I really suggest Petite Abielle on 20th and 1st (not the one in the West Village, this one's way better). It's cheap, good, and if the weather's nice, has a ton of outdoor seating. I regret that I'm not very good with restaurants in midtown.

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        I live right near Petite Abeille. While I like the place as a neighborhood place, I certainly don't think it's worth schlepping from the UWS to get there.

        Another place on the UWS is Nice Matin. Not overly expensive.

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          Thank you valerie. They went to both places and very very happy with both suggestions!

      2. Metropolitan Opera or Metropolitan Museum?

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            Since you mentioned that your grandmother will be going to the opera, I would have guessed Lincoln Center area.

            The restaurants in the area immediately surrounding the museum are mostly in the more expensive category. If you're relatives want to treat themselves to one of NYC finest restaurants, a restaurant I would recommend they consider is Cafe Boulud. Though not for dinner, but for lunch, when they offer two more budget-friendly prix-fixes: 2 courses for $30/3 for $38. While this may be 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's second-tier restaurant, the cuisine is first-rate! It's a much more casual place than his eponymous temple of haute French cuisine, but service is still polished, yet cordial, and the small dining room has stylish contemporary decor. Lunch is served Tues.-Sat. I'd be willing to bet all the ladies will love it!


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              I thought you said she was going to the Opera. That's not at the museum...

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                exactly, i was confused by that too

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                  They are in the Upper West Side near the Metropolitain Museum and the park. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. I have passed them along.

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                    You seem to be confused. In your reply above to Pan's question about whether your relatives will be staying near the Met Museum or the Met Opera House/Lincoln Center, you answered, "The Museum." The museum is on the Upper *East* Side, so if they are staying near it, they cannot be staying on the UWS. Furthermore, the UES and the UWS are on either side of Central Park. So, it's possible to stay near it in either neighborhood.

                    Please forgive the geography lesson, but it does make a difference when we are asked for restaurant suggestions in a particular neighborhood.

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                        Now that you have positively confirmed where they are staying, I will suggest a couple of restaurants on the UWS. (My previous recommendation was for a place on the UES).

                        La Boite en Bois is a French bistro on 68th St., b/t Columbus Av. & CPW. It is, as the translation of the name say, a teensy, charming "box" near Central Park (en bois = in the woods). In addition to their a la carte menu, they offer a pre-theater prix-fixe for $34.


                        Compass, on 70th St., b/t Amsterdam & West End Av., serve excellent New American cuisine in a big space with very attractive contemporary decor. The a la carte menu is on the pricey side, but they offer a 3-course dinner prix-fixe at all times for $35. They also serve brunch on Sunday.


          2. They will need to take a cab but may I recommend Jubilee, 54th between 1st and 2nd. Very much a neighborhood place. Reservations required. French bistro catering to youngsters (thats me) as well as older neighborhood residents. Very New Yorky. Steak Frites, Moules, Roast chicken. Good service. Nice atmosphere. My mom is 80. She loves it...

            1. Sarabeth's Cafe at 90-something and Madison on the East Side... be careful of brunch lines but awesome pumpkin waffles: