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Mar 28, 2007 08:01 PM


OK, I've read a number of things on appliances. We just purchased a home on Amelia Island in Florida. The kitchen isn't done and we are doing it. Have done kitchens in the past. However, just looking for a little advice. It will be a gas cooktop but not really interested in the high end stuff, Wolf or Viking. Looking at Frigidare, KitchenAid, GE, that type. Same goes for the double ovens and the dishwasher.

Any input??? Probably the least important appliance is the dishwasher. There are just two of us and it's pretty easy to wash those by hand every night. So, again, no Miele and that type.

How about fridges. Will purchase a new one of those, probably one of the new French door types. Any suggestions??

Not trying to do it cheap but also not looking for top end. We are retiring so those gourmet dinners will probably trend down a bit. Still, like good stuff, just not as good.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. rtmonty- so glad you posted. sometimes i feel like an alien when i am not looking at wolf or viking. not in the same situation, as i am just starting out. husband and i are buying our first home and the home is being built with ge profile, except for the fridge, which we must buy. even if i could afford wolf, etc., which we could, why would we want to, we haven't even started paying for all the big things in life- like sending kids to college and grad school. maybe when i am in my forties the wolf will come, but certainly not now.

    people need to understand that you can be a chowhound without spending 8K on a stove.

    1. Newbie here. I'm just finishing a kitchen re-do in my new house, and after a lot of research and back-and-forth, we chose our appliances from Sears. On the high end side, we did go with the induction cooktop, since we were limited to electric only and wanted to save energy. I was pleased that the Kenmore dishwasher we selected was actually a Bosch, and did make sure to go with the <50db noise level on that. French Door fridge, basic double oven (I was limited to 24"), and basic micro. We had to outfit the laundry room, too, so all in it was inching into the 10K territory, we felt we had to draw the line somewhere and Sears got it done.

      No actual reviews yet, as I'm anxiously awaiting the appliances to be hooked up sometime in the next few days. :^)

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        We used GE Profile for the dual gas range, fridge, micro convenction combo, and dishwasher which is really quiet. Ended up with a Fridgidaire island hood because it was a little more powerful than the GE. Not sure I needed the extra power but an architect friend was pretty into the power. I'm very happy with all of them. We had had a bottom freezer before and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would so we got the side-by-side this time.

      2. For two people, you may want to consider the Fischer & Paykel two drawer dishwasher. It is on the more expensive side, but the advantage is that you can run one drawer at a time rather than waiting for the whole thing to fill up. Some people don't like the drawer style, but my in-laws have it, and I really like it

        1. I love my Frigidaire appliances that are just over a year old. We purchased them all(fridge,stove/oven, microwave,diswasher) @ Lowes, and got alot back in rebates.

          The 5 burner gas cooktop was a must when I was purchasing, as well as a convection oven.

          We went with stainless steel for all the appliances, I find them easier to clean, and make the kitchen look great.

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