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Mar 28, 2007 05:55 PM

Visiting Hollywood, Burbank and vicinity

We're coming to town with tickets to The Price is Right and the Tonight Show from the Pacific Northwest. Looking for some good eats near the studios and around town. Probably a good breakfast spot or coffee house by Beverly Blvd. Also a few nice places for dinner. We definitely want one of your best Mexican restaurants. Not sure where we're staying yet, but will most likely be in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills and have a car.

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  1. Doughboys for breakfast.

    Grace or Providence for a nice dinner; you don't give cuisine preferences, so these are a couple of my faves in the area.

    1. Burbank, alas, is a bit thin on the "great eats"... adjacent to it is all sorts of chow, from Armenian food in Glendale to Thai, Mexican and Peruvian on the east side of North Hollywood.

      Granville on San Fernando Rd. is my go-to for "nice and actually in Burbank".

      Best Mexican is absolutely Babita in San Gabriel... if you don't want that drive, try La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights (I don't like the Westside branches much)... you'll have a great Mexican mariscos dinner in a beautiful restaurant that's perched on the edge of Mariachi Plaza. Don't be wigged out by the nabe -- its bark is worse than its bite.

      Cal Cuisine really shines at Providence, or you can bring Armando's salumi to Mozza (talk about coals to Newcastle!). If you're here at the weekend you should check out the Wat Thai in North Hollywood, which is only open weekends for lunch -- it's a Thai temple with street-food stands adjacent, fantastic Thai food, dirt cheap, or go for dim sum at one of our palaces of Chinese cookery -- I'd say NBC or 888 but there are bajillions of great places.

      Closer in to Beverly Blvd. (relatively speaking) is Koreatown, not sure what the Portland and/or Seattle Korean scene is like -- we have the largest expatriate Korean community in the world. In the midst of Koreatown is Guelaguetza, which is a Oaxacan restaurant that's extremely good at mole... just go early because you'll need to budget 30 minutes to park.

      1. Go to BLD on bev blvd for breakfast --- or really anything.. but def breakfast
        If you want cheap mex food and margaritas and dont mind "down and dirty"... El Coyote on Bev blvd is an icon in los angeles... food is actually pretty good - good hard shell tacos and usually mobbed.
        Best new steak in town is CUT in the Bev Wilshire hotel - wolfgang puck new restaurant. dont know if you will even get a reservation though

        1. The Price Is Right tapes directly next to the Farmers Market. Very touristy, but some gems lie within.

          Dupars or Kokomo for breakfast. Lotteria for a Mexican lunch.

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            I actually "2nd" Lotteria! great mexican food in farmers market...
            and yes, dupars just reopened.. anyone tried it yet?

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              I went late at night. It's so great to finally have a nearby alternative to Canter's when it's 3am and I'm craving a bowl of chicken pot pie.

          2. I second El Coyote for Mexican. Another similar place is El Compadre on Sunset (which personally I like better), but beware if you try to go to El Compadre on a weekend night - the wait can be really long and they don't take reservations. But the food is great, not expensive, and they usually have live music.

            Doughboys is better for lunch I think than for breakfast. I like pretty traditional scrambled eggs and bacon breakfasts, and Doughboys does nto have that - they have some odd scrambles, everything all mixed together... it's not the most standard American breakfast place. The wait here can be superlong too, and it's a small and kind of dark place. Their lunch food is great - wonderful sandwiches (on their own great bread) and huge salads. But still the long wait...

            I'd recommend Toast for breakfast instead. It can also have a long wait, but the place is bigger. The menu is more extensive, and the food tastes fresher to me.

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              Before Price is Right, an almost-burnt apple fritter from Bob's Donuts in the Farmers market! After the show, ice cream from Bennetts in the Farmers Market (caution, the other ice cream stop in farmers market is NOT housemade stuff!)