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Mar 28, 2007 05:52 PM

super-thin sliced pork from Asian Market (looks like pork steak-um) what's it usually for?

Bought a package of promising looking, extra-extra thin sliced pork from the predominantly Chinese market near me. It was paper thin and marbled and when cooked, looked grayish, like steakum.
was great sauteed with "hollow vegetable" in a soy-ginger-chili sauce.

Any guesses on what its typical use is?

thanks in advance

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  1. It's probably for huoguo (hotpot).

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    1. re: Condimentality

      or grilled at the table. Asian groceries (especially Korean) often sell grills that work with butane hot plates.


    2. As others have said, it's for hotpot or shabu-shabu.

      Aside from pork, you can also find it in beef, lamb, and chicken.

      1. Yeah - for shabu shabu type thiing. The meat cooks in the hot broth. Or, when marinated, you can put on the grill - cooks in a minute

        1. Yes, hot pot is a typical use, but I've also used it in a food processor with bean sprouts, veggies, etc to make the dumpling/wonton fillings.

          Also, if you've got just a bit leftover, you can pan fry it (no oil needed) and then top it with some BBQ sauce for quickie bbq pork.

          1. I buy it for use in Okonomiyaki and yakisoba. Also look for chicken and beef sliced this way, usually sold fozen.