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A San Francisco Hound's adventures in Philly

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Spent the past 3 days in the Philly area, and my busy work time was punctuated by some good philly food.

1) Uduppi Dosa House, Bensalem - had a Masalla Utthapam and a mango lassi - the place was empty, but the food was delicious, cheap, and not greasy at all.

2) Cafe Ole- I really only went here for the free wifi, and I ordered a vegetarian salad which was ridiculously huge, tasted alright, but I wasnt hungry enough to even put a dent in it. certainly wouldnt recommend it.

3) Old City Coffee- great iced coffee, love the little alley it's on.

4) Horizons - Thanks to the hounds who recommended this one - it was a great place to dine solo and the food was delicious. I had the Wasabi Glazed Tempeh with calabaza and avocado fried rice, sriracha butter, pea shoot, grapefruit and basil salad. the combination of flavors and textures was fantastic, and the tempeh was cooked perfectly.

5) Soy Cafe - another adventure in trying to find free wifi, but this place was much better than Cafe Ole. I had an awesome (and huge) soymilk/strawberry/peach/ginger/tofu/honey smoothie, as well as a delicious avocado grapefruit salad with a homemade apple ginger dressing. They've got a ton of small items to choose from, and it's all really healthy. not crowded, lots of natural light, overall a great little neighborhood cafe.

6) Amada- this place was fantastic- also a great place for a solo meal. I had the Spanish octopus (the highlight!), the artichoke/wild mushroom flatbread, and the truffled asparagus. I think if I went again I would order a cheese instead of the flatbread. They gave me a complimentary dessert and the service was wonderful. I really like sitting at the bar right in fromt of the open kitchen so I could see everything that was going on.

Any recommendations for a quick breakfast near 30th street station before I head out of town tomorrow?

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  1. Sorry to miss you on the breakfast recommendation but thanks for the post on your adventures! Always good to hear what people chose from chows' suggestions. FYI - next time go to the Reading Terminal Market for free WiFi and good food!

    1. there are many little shain shops in 30th street, as for good brkkie around there, there aren't any that i can think of. hmmm, you've given me a new mission....i work up here and always try to eat breakfast before work or else i just nip out to the food trucks for a soft pretzel.