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Mar 28, 2007 05:41 PM

Breakfast at Marche-Richtree

Would you recommend the breakfast at Marche-Richtree inside the BCE place??


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  1. I've never eaten a full breakfast there, but I just wanted to say that all the Marches I've been to have had spectacular muffins... all natural, and tender and flavourful.

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    1. re: vorpal

      They were actually the best option for breakfast in the Eaton Centre when I worked nearby. Decent omelettes too. Just hated the whole lining up three times to get coffee, food and pay. I imagine BCE would be even more annoying that way. Depends on how patient you are in the morning ;) I like one line-up for takeout, or my food brought to me (coffee better come quick too..)

      1. re: julesrules

        I had an omelette at the College Park Richtree location yesterday, and couldn't believe that there were chickens and cows involved in the production of the eggs and cheese. It had the texture of greasy plastic and virtually no taste at all.

        1. re: estragon

          agreed! horrible tastless and overcharged for what it was. i got some deal that included "sausages" and "homefries". ugh, never again. greasy and bland.

      2. re: vorpal

        I agree re the muffins. I haven't had their other breakfast items and I'm not a huge fan of other things there. But whenever I feel like splurging on a muffin, it's gotta be one of those buttery muffins from Richtree in BCE. They have always been great (when it was Marche). I was just thinking this morning while I was buying my usual coffee from mmmuffins in CC, that the people buying muffins from there, would be way better off going to get their muffins from Richtree.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Agreed completely. I can't eat muffins from most of the big chains like Mmmufins, Tim Horton's, etc. anymore. They're generally dry and they all taste so chemically from the premade mixes that they use.

        2. re: vorpal

          I tried to chocolate chip muffin and I found it too too sweet. I will try another kind tomorrow. They smell delicious though :)

          1. re: TOchowgal

            If you enjoy bananas and they have them, do try their banana muffins. They're by far my favourite!

            1. re: TOchowgal

              Try the cornmeal muffin. That's my fave.

              1. re: pescatarian

                It appears they have a promotion Apr 19 - 29, muffins for $0.48!

                I went to get a sandwich today (at Eaton Centre), the receipt printer played a jingle when printing mine - I won a free rosti. Crossing my fingers and hope it's going to be neither burnt nor undercooked when I go to get it next time (both happened at Marche).

          2. This place is so overrated! I'm not sure how they fare for breakfast, but all my lunches/dinners there have been mediocre at best. I imagine most people go there for the concept rather than the food quality.

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            1. re: team_eater

              It's the same for breakfast. I like to take out-of-towners for the experience and the proximity to the rest of the sights we'll be seeing, but the food sometimes is almost embarrassingly mediocre.

            2. Get their BLT on a muesli bagel. It's actually pretty good. Also, right now..(might be just for this week, I'm not sure) they have their peameal/egg/cheese on their fresh buns for a dollar. Granted, the egg is kinda weird, but it's a dollar! Quite the lineups, as you may imagine. By the way, you can also pay first and then get your food.

              1. I would avoid that place. It was OK as Marche but has become terrible as Richlee.

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                1. re: wordsworth

                  except for the muffins - they are the same as before

                2. Personally, no, I would not recommend it.

                  Recently had nonfoodie friends who insisted on going. Even they were not pleased with the food quality and prices.

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                  1. re: orangewasabi

                    A friend and I went to the BCE Place/Heritage Square location for dinner last Saturday -- it was still pretty good. Being from out-of-town, I took her there for the experience more than the food. I remember going a few years ago when it was Marche and having a good time.

                    We liked it enough that we went to the College Park Richtree for breakfast the next morning. That was much less great. I went to the breakfast station to order an omelette and 4 strips of bacon. The guy doing the cooking had to walk off to another station, get another guy, then have him come back and show him what "bacon" was. He pointed to the giant metal bowl of bacon next to a giant metal bowl of egg yolks.

                    Obviously the guy just started, or never worked the morning shift before. After I got my food and sat down, I looked back at the station and saw a line of 8 people. Considering the traffic that place gets, you'd think they'd train the cooks better before having them face the crowd.

                    1. re: spyctuna

                      one wonders how on earth they managed to even FIND someone who didn't know what bacon looked like, never mind one that applied to work in food services. Yikes!

                      I too have good memories of Marche -- that was where my non-foodie friends got the idea originally, from visits to Marche years ago.