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Mar 28, 2007 05:37 PM

Sushi downtown

I used to visit Ichiban sushi a year ago and was a regular. I would go there atleast once a week. The quality and the price was very good.

I stopped going as I left my job in downtown but am back now. It is located at Front & Church. I was so excited to try it again but was VERY disappointed. The portions and quality was not good at all. I hate it when fave sushi place goes down the drain.

Can you recommed a reasonably priced sushi place that is not too crowded??? I am looking for taste and price.


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  1. With sushi you really get what you pay for. Good quality fish will always be expensive to purchase wholesale. With that in mind, the consensus on numerous threads in regards to downtown sushi are....


    it would be wise to do a search first as this topic has been covered exhaustively.

    1. Ichiban is a franchise, but all them are completely different except for the name and logo. The one you're talking about is actually called Sakura Ichiban. I like the one on Queens Quay West (south of the CN Tower), price is not bad for the quality and quantity of fish.