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Mar 28, 2007 05:24 PM

Sidewalk dining: Park Slope

Now that the weather is getting good, I want to explore more outdoor dining options. What's good--meaning, relaxed and comfortable with good food, and casual's okay too.

I know I already love Cocotte. Not a fan of Stone Park Cafe. Rosewater is on my list. What other options can you suggest?

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  1. i like bar toto on warm evenings. quiet-ish corner, good burger, full bar... it's a nice place for a last-minute meet-up.

    a little outside ps -- i'm looking forward to trying fez (on PPW) again in the coming months. their garden is a real sweetie.

    1. Convivium's garden is amazing. Not sure if it is open yet, but it is magically calm.

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        I'd second Convivium as a great garden and great food.
        Little D Eatery also has an outdoor spot in back (but I'd avoid it once air-conditioner season starts unless they've fixed it to run more quietly.)
        Applewood, if you like it (let's not start that again) has a few tables out front-it's raised a bit and back from the sidewalk so you're not near pedestrian traffic (one warning-they are reluctant to seat you if your dining partner isn't with you.)

      2. Sakura on 5th Avenue has a big garden. Japanese with a creative twist, casual with prices generally to match.