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Mar 28, 2007 05:23 PM

Cabo San Lucas

Any recs for cheapo-, mid- and high- priced places in the Los Cabos area? Anything indigenous that is a must have?

Thanks in advance.

(Yes, I already have searched Chowhound)

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  1. Mocambo's is probably your best best for great seafood that is reasonable. I like Todos Santos area the best lot's of reasonable cafes.

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      Hi Lori... we are heading out to Cabo in a few weeks with the 5 month. Its a company sponsored trip so we are only there 2 nights... do you think its worth going to Todos Santos with a 5 month old?

      Thank you much in advance.

      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        Absolutely, IMO much better town than the over built, commercialized Cabo.
        There are lots of young families and I think it would be a better place with a young child not as much as a party scene.

        I liked-
        Café Santa-Fe-northern Italian cooking in an old adobe very nice place.
        Tacos Chilako's long taco stand, great fish tacos
        Miguel’s- hopefully still good.. amazing margaritas. It's a shack on the sand and very relaxing.

        I wish I could remember more of the gems.

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          Best place in TS is El Zaguan. Awesome fresh fish and guac.

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          I wouldn't miss C at Palmilla resort.

        2. For high-priced, I really recommend Pitahayas, which is actually just outside of Los Cabos. It's a gorgeous restaurant just steps away from the beach, and the food is wonderful. One guide told me that it's Los Cabos' only five-star restaurant.

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            in san jose del cabo go to "el mercado del mar" awesome seafood and not expensive at all, also zippers near acapulquito beach(surfers beach) is very good and cheap, i totally agree with todos santos beautiful little town very peaceful, if you happened to go to la Paz dont miss by any chance fish tacos at "hermanos gonzalez" and the best seafood cocktails at "cocteleria el bismarkcito" que cocteles que bruto de lo mejor de lo mejor..Cheers!

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            1. Cheapo recs might be Senor Sweets for a great lunch, even box lunches for those who go out fishing. Pretty good looking dishes, huge portions, from gellatos, coffes, cakes, to pizzas, paninins, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, etc. $15 bucks aprox per person.
              Other good is La Fonda, traditional mexican food, offering original dishes from Guadalajara. Reasonable prices, vaired menu, extremely big portions comparingo other mexican restaurants. MOCAMBO is great offering mexican seafood, located one block away from Puerto Paraiso. These 3 options are always crowded by locals and tourists.

              For Mid prices go to El Chilar, Habaneros, Don Emilianos, La Panga and La Bodega (all this located in San Jose). Great restaurants, great chefs, amazing places.

              For High prices you can try Nick San, French Riviera, Restaurant at Esperanza or Restaurant at Las Ventanas.

              All these options are good looking establishments, with clean bathrooms, good service, delicious food, and popular between locals. By the way, im a local guy.

              1. Been going to Cabo for over 30 years so have seen a lot of change but some restaurants have been going strong and delicious for years..
                One of those is Romeo y Julieta' love this and one of the best tableside caesars around..excellent italian food.
                Trailer Park up on the hill..expensive but such a prize in Cabo that hasn't changed much and always outstanding!
                A must have in Cabo is to have drinks on the beach at the 'office'..

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                  got back from cabo today. the office and edith's are closed until the end of september. will write a whole report in the next day or so.