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Mar 28, 2007 04:26 PM

Where is Restaurant Row?

And what are your favorite restaurants there? Will be visiting in July and am looking for lunch/dinner options. Thanks.

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  1. "Restaurant Row" is a one-block stretch of 46th St., b/t 8th & 9th Avs., in the Times Square/Theater District Area. Not sure why you're particularly focusing your request there. However, if you tell us your cuisine preferences, whether you want something very casual or a little fancier, and what your per person budget, includes alcoholic bevera, we would be able to make appropriate suggestions not only on that street, but also for really good restaurants nearby. When you give us that budget figure, please tell us if it includes alcoholic beverages, tax (nearly 9%), and tip (20%).

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      I don't recommend "restaurant row"...I think the restaurants there are subpar and agree with RGR, "wondering why you're focusing on that area." Let the hounds help!! :)

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        I agree that most of the restaurants there are sub-par. However, one restaurant I have been eager to try but have not yet managed to get to is Lattanzi. I'm particularly interest in trying their cuisine of the Roman Jews. I've also never been to Barbetta, but I'd like to try it if for no other reason than to dine in their gorgeous garden. My brother and his wife were there not too long ago and said the food was actually pretty good. And the restaurant has been around for 100 years....

        Barbetta's Garden: http://www.barbettarestaurant.com/htm...

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            Lattanzi is good and worth the trip

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              Lattanzi is indeed very good. The fried artichoke and one of the veal chops (I prefer the one with mushrooms) are must-haves.
              Last time I was there, they ran out of the fried artichoke (!) and I almost cried. So good.

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              I've enjoyed several meals at Barbetta, though it's been a few years since my last meal there. (In December, they allowed me to show my mother around the premises even though they were closed!) I often recommend it to out-of-towners because of the old New York feel. You sit side by side at the tables for two. The service was very attentive and friendly and the food was excellent. Dining in the garden is on my ever-growing to-do list.

        1. it's w46th st bet 8th and 9th avenues in the theater district.

          the most recent place ive ate there was HOURGLASS TAVERN, it was fine if unmemorable. there are lots of nice places like BARBETTA, LATTANZI and many others to choose from, im sure others will chip in.

          1. kjamada, restaurant row is a locale perhaps heavily touted to tourists, and most locals don't consider it a place for serious good eats. Mainly overpriced and underprepared food, and the service is far less than noteworthy, too....look on the boards for recs that are afield of 46th bet. 8 & 9th Aves. Do you need to eat there?

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              Appreciate the feedback everyone. I guess my curiosity just got the better part of me and I don't really need to eat there. I do have a specific question, however -- we'll be seeing "In the Heights" at the 37 Arts Theater on West 37th, can you recommend any restaurants near there for dinner? Price range for 3 of us probably $75-$100 per person.

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                What time is your show, and what day of the week?

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                    Check out "Piano Due." It's really great Italian located on 51st between 6th & 7th.

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                  37 Arts is on 37th St. & 10th Av. You don't have to go up to 51st St. to get a great meal. I agree with most of 280Ninth's suggestions below, the exception being Esca because I'm not a fan. I think West Bank Cafe -- closest by a block or two to your theater -- would be an excellent choice. Delicious contemporary American cuisine; friendly, efficient service; and very attractive, comfortable ambiance.


                  But you can't go wrong at Le Madeleine or Marseille.


                  Enjoy the show, have a great visit to NYC and Bon Appetit!

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                    Fnny thing - we just saw "In The Heights" on Sunday (very enjoyable, BTW - great high energy singing/dancing) and preceded it with brunch at the West Bank Cafe. I'll ditto RGR's comments; brunch was very pleasant in all respects, and although we haven't had dinner here (yet), I' d assume it would be of equal quality. From West Bank Cafe, which is on 42nd just off 9th, it's an easy walk down 9th to 37th and the theatre (which is on the south side of 37th near the 10th Ave. end of the block).

                    Le Madeleine and Marseille are also fine choices and all three are well within the OP's price range.

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                      Striver, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if/when you go to West Bank for dinner. It actually exceeded my expectations! Even though it goes back a year, I still recall having the very tasty grilled peppered shrimp to start, followed by delicious seared duck breast, cooked perfectly, i.e, medium rare.

                      We've also had brunch there. The quiche -- a very generous portion -- was one of the best version I've had and came with an equally generous portion of mesclune, perfectly-dressed with a very tasty vinaigrette.

                      The servers there are terrific -- very friendly as well as efficient.

              2. kjamada, a bit closer is Esca, a good Italian restaurant on 43rd and 9th. Across the St. is La Madeleine, a charming French bistro. One block south is West Bank Cafe (42nd bet. 9th and 10th). Many ch's like Marseille, another French/Med. brasserie on 44th and 9th. These will keep you off 46th....happy dining wherever you choose.

                1. I would go to Esca. Some people are down on it, but it is pretty interesting. Specialize in "crudo," which I think of as Italian sushi. There are a few awesome pasta dishes that you won't see on many menus anywhere. All theoretically supervised by Mario Batali, who is a golden god in this city.
                  Another slightly upscale place in that neighborhood (if you don't mind a little walk) would be Hell's Kitchen on 47th and 9th. Contemporary Mexican food. Definitely good if your party includes some young people - it's a little "scene-ier" than some other places mentioned here.

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                    Ditto Hell's Kitchen! If you'd like less-upscale, check out this restaurant's less formal sister, "El Centro," less than 10 blocks north.

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                      Disagree on Hell's Kitchen. Some friends brought us there a few weeks ago and the food was overpriced and boring. Esca is a much better bet.

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                        Hey NY Hounds- this is relative to the "easy walk" part of eating and then hoofing it to a show...We will be coming in August and I've been scouring the boards and maps for ideas. Anyway-- what is an "easy walk"?? Around Chicago rule of thumb is that 8 blocks is a mile- is that the same in NY? or are your blocks short?? Looking at maps its really hard to tell--the north / south blocks look small while the east / west blocks (Aves?) seem longer...So walking say from 42d to 50th- is a mile?

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                          You can google for exact measurements, but my general rule is 20 north south blocks equal a mile. Avenue blocks vary more. But are generally annoying. And take longer to cross.

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                            While Avenue blocks do vary, in general a block is 200+50 for the numbered streets by 600+100 ft. for the numbered Avenues. So 20 numbered blocks is about a mile as is about 7 numbered avenues.