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Mar 28, 2007 04:03 PM

Tough new noodle for an old chowhound - where to take the visiting madre? (DC)

Hey, y'all.

So, I've got a bit of a noodler. My mom is coming into town on a Sunday not so far off (but sufficiently far off that I could confidently get a reservation anywhere).

When she comes in to town, it's always just for a night, and I like to take her out somewhere nice - not super fancy, but nice. So, Citronelle is out (too fancy), and Taqueria Distrito Federal is out (not nice enough).

Past times, I've taken her to:
Minibar at Cafe Atlantico
Chez Mama-San in G'town
Sushi Taro
Curry Club

The question now is, where do I take her? I don't want to duplicate, and five of the places I just thought of - Rasika, Komi, Central, TenPenh, and AV Ristorante Italiano - are ALL closed Sundays. P.Paradiso doesn't feel nice enough to me, and I want to avoid the whole Clyde's franchise. I live in Chinatown, but kinda dislike Indebleu and Zengo. I like Jaleo, but I am sorta in the mood to take her somewhere I've never been myself.

I would LOVE other ideas!!!!! Two other places I have thought of, which I am pretty confident in, are:
DC Coast

But like I said, I WOULD LOVE other, new ideas!!!! Can anyone shed some light?

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    1. does she eat thai?
      Regent and Rice have both been very good when I've been there, have very nice decors - and if it's nice out, Regent has a great out door area.

        1. I just did an Open Table search for the hypothetical date of Sunday, April 15. I've turned up the following restaurants with Sunday hours I think you could happily consider:

          Bistro Bis
          Charlie Palmer's Steak
          Marcel's -- probably too fancy

          1. Johnny's Half Shell (just checked - closed Sundays), Cashion's (open), or Acadiana (can't tell) to add to the list of potentials?

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            1. re: Dennis S

              Oooh, acadiana and bistro bis definitely just got added. Thanks for those!

              (Bistro du Coin is another place I took my mom and she liked - and it was Dino, not Palena, that we went to in the past.)

              (Also, I took an ex to Bistro d'Oc for Valentine's Day one year, so I think it may be permanently X-ed)

              (And yes she eats Thai but I actually am an un-fan)