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Amy's Bread- Kinda Disappointed

I went there today to try their red velvet cake. Supposed to be some of the best in New York but it really didn't do it for me. The cake was very light and moist but the icing really wasn't that sweet. It was actually kinda bland. I also had the lime cornmeal cookie which was actually really good. But the main thing I really wanted was that red velvet and I came away disappointed. Granted they give you a huge slice but it certainly wasn't worth $4.25. Did I just order the wrong item? I thought red velvet was like a specialty.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Their cake has been dry every time I've gotten it.

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      I will tell you, though...they make a damn good grilled NY state cheddar cheese sandwich!

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        Second that! I had one a while back that they threw on the panini press for me. It was delicious.

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          The panini press makes it even more amazing!!! Yum. :)

    2. I've never tried any of their sweets. For me, Amy's is all about the bread. My absolute favorite is the rosemary round. And the olive loaf is not too shabby either.

      1. Agree w/RGR about what is a better choice at Amy's. The stuff with high turnover, like their bread and muffins (parmesan twists are a favorite among the 280 Ninth junior set), are high-quality. Stuff that sits there for a while, like large cakes, tend to be more hit-and-miss, and this would extend beyond Amy's, per se. I do understand the impulse for a satisfying sweet, however...!

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          I prefer Sullivan Street Bakery for bread rather than Amy's

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            They're so different. I couldn't even begin to make a comparison.

            SS leans more toward Italian while Amy's just screams homemade goodness.

        2. I like their red velvet cake, but my favorite thing is probably the cherries 'n cream scone.

          1. i'm a huge fan of their sourdough twists loaded with chocolate chunks, raisin fennel semolina bread and sourdough boule. everything else, not so much.

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              Her raisin-fennel bread has a sweet edge...is wonderful toasted for breakfast....

            2. I love Amy's and think that just about everything is top notch, except for the Red Velvet cake. I love their other cakes, but for some reason don't love their red velvet. I highly recommend their black and white cupcake, which gets my vote for the best cupcake in the city. Their breads are fantastic and reasonably priced, needless to say.

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                My fave is the double chocolate layer cake. It's very rich but not sickingly sweet (think Magnolia).

              2. i've found that when i pre-order a whole red velvet cake from amy's for an occasion, it's great, but the slices can be on the dry side.

                i love their breads (semolina apricot, in particular), their cookies, and their sandwiches and salads.

                1. the napoli baguette is the most consistent-ly good, readily available, reasonably priced no frills baguette in town.... as far as i know!

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                    I must say I've had the opposite experience with the cake. I've always managed to get nice moist slices of the red velvet everytime i go.

                  2. I used to live across the street from Amy's and I think by now I've tried every single item in the store (thank goodness there's a gym nearby)! I agree that I was not particularly impressed by the red velvet cake there - the one at Buttercup is MUCH better. That being said, I have dreams about their Monkey Cake, and I love the chocolate brownies, chocolate sourdough twists, pink cupcakes, parmesan twists, potato bread...and they have an outrageous brie and tomato mini-sandwich. Mmmm.