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Mar 28, 2007 03:34 PM

Dallas Rehearsal Dinner Help Needed

Despite living in Dallas for 16 years and eating out on a regular basis, I'm absolutely stumped for options on where to have a rehearsal dinner for my wedding in October. We're estimating around 30 people and we'd like to keep the budget around $20-$30 per person (alcohol included). The catch is that we're looking for a private room - and it seems few, if any, restaurants offer that option. Furthermore, we need to keep it within a 10-15 minute drive from downtown as that's where the wedding is being held.

Since we've got several out of towners alongside some children, we were thinking Tex-Mex may be a good option (i.e. represents Texas cuisine well, fun for kids, Margaritas are fun for adults etc.). We've already looked into places like Manny's Uptown and Mi Cocina and neither offer any privacy (though they fit the bill perfectly in all other areas - slightly upscale environments with affordable and readily approachable cuisine).

Barbeque is the other obvious option, but we don't want it catered and most BBQ joints have zero ambience.

Barring Maggiano's (I'd rather go hungry) Italian food would be fine - heck at this rate, ANY cuisine would be fine.

Can you please help a desperate fellow 'Hound out?


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  1. How about the outdoor, covered patio at Sammy's? I know you can rent the entire outdoor area, because I have been to several functions there.

    P.S. By the way, in suggesting Sammy's, I assumed you were not totally against BBQ, just against BBQ that was either catered or at a restaurant that had no ambience.

    1. Mattitos sounds like what you may be looking for. Good food, private rooms, close to your price range, close to downtown.

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        1. Javier's has a private room - been to a rehearsal dinner there that was loads of fun, and the food wasn't bad, either.

          Have you checked Matt's in Lakewood? Seems like that upstairs space would be suitable.

          You could always do something like book a rental space, such as Belo Mansion, and cater in from Blue Mesa.

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            1. Thanks everyone for your ideas. I'll look into them and see what they offer.

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                We had our rehearsel dinner at Sammys and, believe it or not, it won't be that easy to keep it in your price range. By the time you pay the site rental and the per head, it is right at $18-$20 before drinks. Javier's, no chance you can keep it in your price range. Mattito's might be a very good option. I would also check into Bugatti's for Italian. Their outdoor patio is awesome and they will work with you on the budget. Zee, the owner, is one of the best restaurateurs in the business.