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Mar 28, 2007 03:09 PM

Dinner in Manchester NH?

We'll be there for an airport pickup Friday night. Looking for someplace casual but yummy. I've never been there so all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Is there a particular cuisine you prefer? Manchester has many choices. Though if you're looking for something casual, cheap and convenient, the Airport Diner on Brown Ave might be a good choice.

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      Not in particular. Open to all options. Any other place you really like? Doesn't have to be super cheap, we are taking my future mother in law so...

      1. re: jrmd

        If you don't mind driving into town after picking up your fmil, Cotton is a good choice--American bistro cooking in a contemporary setting. Good cocktails--it can get loud.

        If you're looking for something more genteel, the Bedford Village Inn is an elegant (and expensive) alternative. The Tap Room at BVI has a casual and reasonably priced menu.

        1. re: whs

          I second Cotton - it is causal and relaxed, with great food. And as whs mentioned, fantastic barkeeps (in case you need fortification for dinner with future mother-in-law).

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      1. We really like Picola Italia on Elm St.

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          I usually rave about Piccola but recently had lunch and was dissappointed. I love Cotton (excellent lamb, best I've had). We had an excellent hungarian lunch at La La's (elm st.).

          1. Manchester has many choices, but not many good choices. Having read the replies your've received so far, and the makeup of your party (i.e., future mother-in-law), the best room in town (for making an impression) is the Bedford Village Inn (just a few miles from the airport). If you're arriving in jeans, you can sit in the tavern and order off either menu, or mix and match. Suggest a reservation in the dining room (and at least nice casual attire); the tavern is first-come/first-served. A little closer by is C.R. Sparks, which is good food in an upscale setting. If you want to go downtown, its sister restaurant is Hanover Stree Chophouse. It is probably the nicest room in the area, all things considered, and in addition to its prime steak menu offers fish, fowl and non-steak entrees. Cotton is okay, but not the first place I'd go for my first visit to the area.

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              I think the BVI is too over priced and a bit more formal. I find Piccola Italia to be a pasta joint and a bit too overrated. CR Sparks is always a good eat, casual or dressy, and has a creative, broad menu. The chophouse is owned by the same people( I believe as Sparks, but is pricey). There is a new restaurant on Elm street called Z that looks VERY good too. Good luck.