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Mar 28, 2007 02:27 PM

Pizza delivery in Arlington

Hi. I'm looking for a good thin crust pizza in Arlington. Not cracker type of crust, but what I used to get in New York: hand-tossed,thin, well cooked but not crisp. Good amount of cheese and sauce but not overly soggy with either sauce or cheese, and not too oily; sauce not too sweet. Am I being too picky?

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  1. We get pizza from Sabatino's in East Arlington - I think it's the best in town. It's NY style. Reminds me of Ray's. You may consider the sauce a little sweet though, I don't know. The delivery is always very quick, and the hot sandwiches on their menu are good too (just had a chicken parm sub last night, and the steak bomb is good). Calzones are good too.

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      Ditto on Sabatino's. About the only decent NY-style pizza in Arlington, IMO.

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        I think Medford overall has a better selection for Pizza and a number of the shops that deliver cover Arlington. After you try Sabatinos, I might suggest giving a few places in Medford a shot. Its worth seeing if giuseppe kitchen is still doing deliveries, but if not Joe Pizza is a bit more gourmet style but still a decent pizza. Both are right across the line in Medford and Guiseppe is closer to NY style.