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Mar 28, 2007 02:23 PM

Mac and cheese question

Wondering if you can make a mac and cheese with goat cheese and if so, does anyone have any good recipes for it?

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  1. I use Alton's stove top recipe and use all kinds of different cheeses. Just go here and sub any cheese you wanna try. I think goat cheese mixed with another milder cheese would make a very interesting dish!

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      I think as long as you have cheddar as your base you can most any cheese that would melt and blend. I often use feta to give the dish a little bite.

    2. Haven't tried this myself but it looks good. Go have a look and see for yourself..

        Here's another one that looks good..I think I'll give this one a try soon..Mmm

        1. Once you get your roux going and your milk stirred in, go nuts with different cheeses. Goat cheese is a strong flavor, so I'd use it as an accent rather than a main ingredient. I had an assortment of cheeses leftover in my fridge threatening to go to waste, and crumbled them all into a mac and cheese with a cheddar/jack base. The most interesting was the little piece of gorgonzola that seemed to flavor everything.

          1. I often add a creamy/white cheese component to my mac & cheese (even a bit of cream cheese, if nothing else on hand), it works great. Just be sure to add the cheeses to the roux after you take it off the heat, or they'll curdle/"break". The Alton Brown recipe is indeed a good starting point; there have been some recent CH threads in this board about sauce technique, if you can get the search function to work for you. :) Since goat cheese is a very specific taste, I'd keep the rest of the flavor profile relatively simple (cheddar, etc.) Maybe a bread crumb and nut topping would go well with the goat cheese!