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Mar 28, 2007 02:18 PM

Seeking flavor that's non-touristy in Jacksonville.

I'm an L.A. Hound coming to Jacksonville for 5 days of work. Where should I go for Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian, or other non-bland food in interesting settings? This could be anything from a trashy Cuban lunch counter to a high-end tapas joint--what are the non-touristy places with soul that locals love?

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  1. Your houndiest spot has probably got to be Blue Boy's. Just search this board for Blue Boy Sandwich Shop, three locations, but opt for the Norwood Ave. shop on the Northside if you can (original location) . A one of a kind experience - I go on at length elsewhere. Lunch place only. No atmosphere whatsoever, unless you're a hound - then it's great. Grill crew has been in place for at least 20 years - best bread in the world.

    Bistro Aix gets big props if you're in the San Marco area, but we like Crush Bistro in Avondale - good moules frites and bistro-ey stuff. Much quieter, smaller place. Both have very good websites.

    This is a good barbecue town - my recommendations - the original Bono's on Beach Blvd., Mojo's in Lakewood and at the Beach, and Jenkins BBQ in about three or four in-town locations. All good, all different.

    There is a really good Indian place in a a strip mall in Mandarin that is worth a visit if you're looking for good Indian and happen to be in the area. The name is Cilantro. Killer buffet for lunch, and dinner is great.

    You can find lot by just searching the board under Jacksonville. Have a safe trip, and let us know what you've found!

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      For lunch in JAX I would suggest The French Pantry on Powers Ave Excellent homemade Breads & pastries and awesome salads. A new place but a vet in the deli business is Johnnies on Riverside, great food and very clean, worth the lines at lunch hour. If you like something different, Mediterania on Baymeadows Road is excellent Greek food and if you like Cuban, HavanaJax on Atlatic is very authentic. On Baymeadows road almost across from Mediterania is Stonewood Tavern, a Florida chain (3 or 4 Locations) excellent steak, chops & seafood. Have fun