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Mar 28, 2007 01:29 PM

tallahassee restaurants for graduation dinner

ok, so my parents are coming down for graduation and im trying to get a good meal out of it. wondering where everyone recommends us going. ive narrowed it down to 5 places:

Kool Beanz - been, love it but no reservations is holding me back
Food Glorious Food - been
Cypress - never been
Georgio's - never been
Mozaik - never been

of the places i havent been, ive heard great things. what do you all think? can i really go wrong with any of these choices? if anyone has suggestions other than these places id love to hear them.


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  1. Kool Beans very good, but too noisy for grad anyway. Georgio's upscale and great food...seafood and steaks, Greek specialities, nice surroundings. Cypress more creative and expensive, I think than Georgio's, and food is very good. FGF is merely okay in my opinion. Mozaik similar to Cypress and probably most expensive of these mentioned. You might also try Sage, which is back behind Fresh Market. I would rate Sage, Cypress, and Kool Beanz as good as anything in a bigger city. Georgio's will have more choice. If it were me, and I speak as a real chowhound, and having tried all these, I would choose Cypress or Sage. Good luck and congratulations.

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    1. re: steakman55

      Steakman is right on the mark. Kool Beans is great for a casual meal with friends and always has wonderful food, but too casual and loud for a special dinner. Albert's Provence and Cypress would get my vote.

      I have heard wonderful things about Sage and will try it out soon. Rubie Skies has been getting good word as well. Both are new off Thomasville Rd.

      1. re: Windsor

        what kind of food does albert's provence have? i tried finding a website but the one that was supposed to be for them was for atlantis or something.

        also, ive been to rubie sky. went for valentines day, food was good. service was a little shaky but im sure its just cause they had only opened a few weeks earlier.

        1. re: smgyro13

          For several years, I would have recommended Albert's without hesitation and to the exclusion of any of the others. It was by far the best in town. Albert, however, has retired. My family went for our anniversary dinner in December (yes we took the kids, how romantic) and the prices had gone up and the quality down. It was not just pleasant memories, or saying that "it isn't as good as it used to be." We saw another party of 8 who are friends, and they told us they had to send several dishes back and they would not return. So, even though it is a nice atmosphere, I would steer clear. Ruby Skies is more casual and I have heard mixed reviews. So I would say tossup between Cypress and Sage. Good luck.

          1. re: steakman55

            My husband and I are going to Tallahassee for our second visit in May to celebrate our son's 19th birthday. Last time we tried Cypress - very good - and Andrew's 228. We'd like to try something new (to us) and I have read the posts that you and others have left, in an effort to choose the restaurants that are the best. Sage sounds like it should be on our list. Some others that have been recommended to us (granted, a lot of the rec's came from students) I have not seen mentioned. Anyone care to give opinions on the folowing: Anthony's, Chez Pierre, Silver Slipper, Georgio's, Mosaik.

            1. re: delraydining

              I would steer clear of Silver Slipper as it is less than mediocre banquet food. The food at Chez Pierre is bland and over-priced in my opinion, although it is nice to sit outside.
              Mosaik is hit or miss, and no where near the ambience of Cypress.
              I haven't been to Anthony's in years, but they have the standard Italian, nothing special.
              Georgio's is probably your best bet for ambiance and food. They usually prepare the fish dishes quite nicely, usually local grouper is available, and the service will make you feel special.
              Haven't tried Sage, but heard it was very good.

              Happy Eating.

              1. re: delraydining

                Anthony's has been very disappointing lately. It is not worth the trip. I would say Nino's or Mom & Dad's is better. Chez Pierre is good for brunch or lunch but not dinner. I agree with Masala on Georgio's.

                1. re: delraydining

                  I think you are on the right track. My top rec is still SAGE....had dinner there Sat. night with another couple. We shared two apps-- crabcakes and spring rolls, no salads, there were two racks of lamb, one mushroom fricasee, and a NY strip, one $36 bottle of Petite Sirah, two desserts -- banana split and guava cheesecake, 3 coffees, 1 tspeciality tea and a
                  hot chocolate. Bill was $207 with tax, but without tip. Not too bad. Food excellent.
                  Georgio's--have eaten there dozens of times. Had my son's graduation dinner there (from high school). You will have lots of choices and it will be well prepared,,,,but not as great food as Sage.
                  Silver Slipper ---eaten there more than 100 times, but not for last seven years except their mediocre lunch buffets for meetings. You will pay NYC prices but get decidedly mediocre steaks and sides.
                  Anthony's--pretty good Italian, but nothing special.
                  Nino's = eaten there several times, and never once even impressed. Used to love Mom & Dad's when he ran that, but that was decades ago in college days.
                  Mozaak impresses me as being very impressed with itself, with no good reason. Food okay but pricey.
                  Chez Pierre has new management so I am unsure,but previously I was decidedly unimpressed. Yet it was very popular.
                  My vote would be Sage.

                  1. re: delraydining

                    Everything that you mentioned is fine with the exception of the Silver Slipper. I guess 40 or 50 years ago it was the cats meow but it certainly is not impressive these days. Cross it off your list. Everything else is on par though Sage is better for lunch, in my opinion, and is not as good now under the new ownership. Chez is also under new ownership and I recently ate lunch there and was impressed. Mozaik, Kool Beans, Cypress, and Fusion are all very similar and I think that these restaurant's chefs started in some capasity at Kool Beans. Not mentioned but an excellent choice for Italian is Z Bardhi's. I have never heard anyone say that their meal was not excellent. And I will keep praising Liams in Thomasville as the very best place for a meal in these parts. Yes, it's a drive but so worth it! Keep us posted!

                    1. re: sunsuze

                      For the record, the chef/owner of Cypress "started" in places like The Mansion on Turtle Creek and Criolla's (a bit above Kool Beans, as is his food).

                      1. re: fl bob

                        Thanks for setting me straight Florida Bob. But while I am a fan of Cypress I think it's a coin toss between them all!

                        1. re: sunsuze

                          Thank you all for the great discussion and suggestions. I have decided to try Sage and Georgio's. I'll report back and give my reviews after our trip Memorial Day weekend. Thanks again!

          2. I would be very concerned about the reservations because even the chain's will be packed graduation weekend. Make sure that you pick a place that takes reservations and confirm them a few times. I think that all of them would be great picks. I am not a fan of Cypress but I know others who like it. My favorite place for celebrations these days has been Fushion Cafe on Monroe St.

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            1. re: carinole

              I like Cypress and Fusion is also very good. Would you consider the long drive to Thomasville? If you have not gone to Liam's for dinner then you have really missed the best meal around! Reservations accepted and a must. Another thing to consider is that Liam's is byob.

              Ruby Sky just didn't do it for me. But two other solid places worth mentioning are Z. Bardhi and Anthony's for Italian. Let us know which you choose! And congratulations!

                1. re: sunsuze

                  well, i made the reservations lastnight. it came down to georgios and cypress. flipped a coin and all that good stuff.

                  georgios won the toss but i overruled it and picked cypress.

                  thanks for all the help.

                  1. re: smgyro13

                    Love the act of overruling the coin flip. Someone once told me it is a good way to make a decision, since your guts will let you know what you really want if the "wrong" side of the coin appears...Have a great graduation dinner!!

                    Wow, sorry to hear about Albert's.

                    1. re: smgyro13

                      Cypress makes a really tasty potato chip - ask them for a side. They are so light!

                      1. re: sunsuze

                        From a former Tallahassee chowhound (perhaps before chowhound was around back in the 90s), I have to say it's unfortunate that Albert's Provence has lost Albert. It could stand up to the top tier of San Francisco (where I spent five years of my life) dining.

                        Kool Beanz and Cypress were my other two favorites. Good decision on Cypress.