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Mar 28, 2007 01:27 PM

Another bakery in Leslieville!

Apparently we have another new bakery coming soon to Logan and Queen. It's that little building on Logan just above Queen that looks like a garage and sits at the end of the V.V. Boutique parking lot. Don't have a lot of info. yet but I think I was told the owners have a bakery in The Distillery district. Now we can get our Poorboy at Cajun Corner and then go around the corner for dessert!!!

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  1. Yeah, I think I saw a sign saying a place called "It's the Icing on the Cake!" is opening up, and that sure sounds like a bakery to me. The name kind of turns me off but of course I will try it. This means that there will be 3 bakeries within 5 minutes' walk from each other, including Altitude and Sweet Bliss.

    More the merrier I suppose, hopefully all 3 can do good business. Now I just need someone to open a proper bar (NOT another restaurant) around there.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      Actually Icing on the Cake was open ages ago but I am assuming they must be moving. I guess they didn't make too much of a splash. I was wondering what they were like!!

      1. re: Otonabee

        The reliable rumour is that the bakery going in on Logan at Queen behind *bucks is another location of the Brick Street Bakery in the Distillery district. Aside from good bread, they have great sausage rolls and sandwiches. It's a pretty solid "rumour", but there are no signs on the building yet.

        It's the Icing on the Cake was on Queen just east of Jones but is moving further east along Queen St.

        1. re: cathym

          Whoa! If its a Brick Street Bakey I'll be in heaven!

          Fingers crossed.

      2. re: childofthestorm

        You certainly walk much faster than I do, childofthestorm.

        I hope it is Brick Street, since Icing on the Cake didn't impress me at all. I had heard that the Paint Depot was expanding into that space. Must check this out!

        1. re: embee

          I think it depends on how many stops you make to buy baked goods. I don't make very good time on that strip myself. By the way, was never too impressed with Altitude (decent but nothing I can't do myself) but had a really nice eccles cake from them recently.

          1. re: julesrules

            Wow, I can't do that Altitude stuff myself.

            But I really hope the new place has a wide selection of bread, that seems to be the niche to fill.

            1. re: childofthestorm

              Speaking of bread (and bakeries in the Leslieville area)... has anyone checked out the St. John's Bakery on Broadview just north of Queen? Driven by many times but have yet to stop in, been meaning to check it out for a few months though.

              1. re: Vise

                It's part of a job creation program run by the St John's Mission. They make very authentic artisinal breads which are good (and worth trying), though not to die for. The Big Carrot carries some of their breads, but they'll (obviously) be fresher at the source.

                1. re: embee

                  Their retail hours are still somewhat limited. They were also at the Riverdale market last year. I do like their sourdough varieties.


                2. re: Vise

                  St John's breads are truly a delight, tasty and wholesome without being heavy, and a change from ubiquitous Ace (which is fine in itself, a guy just likes a change now and then). I was happy to find a small stock of loaves in my local IGA, deep in the heart of the Beach food wasteland.

                3. re: childofthestorm

                  Really? I've grown quite fond of Altitude. I am hugely addicted to their pecan tarts, which, evilly enough, are too big to be comfortably eaten in one sitting but two small to span two sittings (hence resulting in many evenings where I lay on the couch and moan about how overstuffed I feel :D). Their muffins are generally good, too (I've liked all but a few flavours), and their Montreal bagels are *fantastic*, IMO. They're also introducing homemade sorbets. I had the pleasure of trying the raspberry lemon and the blueberry lavender, and they were both rich, exquisite, and a great way to fight off the rising temperatures.

                  1. re: vorpal

                    Altitude also makes lovely eclairs and a darn fine lemon pie!

              2. re: embee

                I needed some decent bread today and Altitude was closed (or at least I believe it was - it usually is on Sunday, as I understand it) and Sweet Bliss had nothing available (although they did have a delicious coconut cream pie that I snatched up). I was about to head to Loblaws for something second rate when I noticed Icing on the Cake for the first time. The store certainly didn't have much in it, but I walked away with an excellent challah loaf that was perfect for what I needed it. I'm looking forward to trying some of their desserts and seeing what I think.

                I fear that my recent discovery of three bakeries a short rollerblade ride from my house is going to result in a very, very pudgy summer :-).

                1. re: vorpal

                  Thanks for the tip, I never go in there because I kind of assumed it was a cake business I guess (like wedding cakes etc to be ordered in advance). And it always looks empty, and there are too many other bakeries down there! They need to market themselves a bit more to survive bakery alley. Or move to the Danforth, where we desparately need decent bakeries!

                  1. re: julesrules

                    It's the Icing on the Cake's founder, Linda, has a new partner, a baker. So she has expanded from cakes and cookies to breads and pastries. The new location is Queen just east of Leslie. As to not having much, when mostly a clake buisiness, it is for custom orders. I've seen fabulous and funky cakes come out of there and the price is great.

            2. There was a Brick St Bakery truck parked in the driveway!!!

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              1. re: embee

                Has anyone heard anything else, like a possible opening date??

                1. re: embee

                  Awesome! Drove by last night and noticed the exterior has been painted, hopefully they are opening soon.

                  1. re: Vise

                    Not much done inside so far. The place was gutted and, I suspect, substantially rebuilt. This building has not exactly been an asset to the street in the past...

                  2. re: embee

                    The new Toronto Life confirms that it is indeed a Brick Street Bakery, set to open mid-May according to the mag... but we know how accurate their estimates are. :-)

                    Very pleased with the confirmation... the sausage roll I had from Brick Street in the Distillery a week ago was absolute heaven. Go Leslieville!

                    1. re: Vise

                      Yeah Mid May. Right...

                      But the good news is that, though there hasn't been much activity there lately, Enbridge was installing major gas lines into the building earlier this week.

                      1. re: Vise

                        Their sausage roll is my husband's favorite, and he is from the UK :). I absolutely love their eccles cakes as well - every once in a while I have to head straight over there to have one!

                        1. re: cord

                          the eccles cakes at bsb are indeed incredibly good

                          1. re: diesta

                            Ditto. I have friends that regularly visit from England and I would always get them to bring me some eccles cakes from their local bakery - I no longer need to do that, thanks to BSB (and if you happen to get one when it's still a little warm from the oven, wow). Their meat pies and sandwiches are great as well - hearty, filling, flavourful, great pastry/bread.

                            1. re: peppermint pate

                              bsb renewed my faith that i can find decent christmas puddings in Toronto...and mince pies....ok, i'm hungry now!

                        2. re: Vise

                          I've been to the Brick Street a few times, though I haven't bought anything. The baker there seemed to be from France. The goodies looked fine, but they are not cheap even in comparison to other gourmet bakeries.

                          1. re: merlot143

                            Simon the owner / baker is definitely English. He may well have a French baker working for him but the style of baking is English. Try one of the pies next time, they may seem a bit expensive but the quantity and quality is worth it.

                            1. re: Mila

                              So is it open yet?

                              Mmmm sausage rolls...

                              1. re: piggywiggy

                                Not even close, but I did notice an oven inside last time I walked by.

                                1. re: embee

                                  Heheh... at this rate The Citizen (c/o Restaurant Makeover) will be open before Brick Street Bakery!

                                  1. re: Vise

                                    I think Brick Street had to rebuild the building first. It was not what you could call a robust structure. I've never asked whether they are relocating here or opening a branch, but I fear disappointment if it is a branch or franchise.

                                    1. re: embee

                                      The blurb in Toronto Life made it sound as if the new location would be concentrating primarily on breads, which is a smaller aspect of the Distillery location. So I think they should be able to compliment each other.

                                      1. re: gregclow

                                        Drove by today, still no sign of life, if it's the place I'm thinking. Small store, painted what else, red brick.

                                        1. re: millygirl

                                          Yeah, looks like it is getting closer (they recently did cobblestones on the front step/side driveway area) but still no clue on the opening date.

                                          Looks like mid-May was a bit optimistic. :-)

                      2. i saw lights on with a crew inside installng furnishings! still some work to go but the building has power!

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                        1. re: chalenegirl

                          Just wondering if this place has opened yet?????

                          1. re: millygirl

                            Although I constantly see people inside working and small changes being made, it doesn't look ready for opening yet.