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Mar 28, 2007 01:16 PM

Prosciutto + pasta scampi

Two questions, please. I found a new recipe I'm doing this weekend for a pasta scampi. The recipe calls for medium shrimp, but I'm considering using the super jumbo ones I can get @ Costco; delicious and really impressive but they will require cutting. Is that okay for a pasta dish or should I go w/bite-sized shrimp people don't need to cut?

I want to serve some prosciutto and specht as an appetizer. Too late to get a melon and let it ripen. My Italian butcher says to serve the meat on a big platter, but that seems awkward. It's sliced thin. Would my guests just transfer some to their appetizer plate w/a serving fork? Can anyone suggest what sort of fruit would make a good accompaniement and how to display? Thanks so much.

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  1. What about steaming asparagus and wrapping the meat around it? Or you could do something similar with bread sticks and make "lollipops" with the meat.

    1. I don't think the size of the shrimp makes much difference in the scampi recipe, so long as the shrimp pieces are bite-sized and you adjust the cooking temperature based upon the size of the shrimp.

      As for the proscuitto, I too really like proscuitto wrapped around lightly-steamed-and-chilled-asparagus spears.

      If you do to the way of your butcher's reccomendation, yes, let people serve themselves with a serving fork. In that case, I'd provide some bread on the side.

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        Great idea about the asparagus. Thank you. I had just bought some today so it's perfect. I'd seen that done in a magazine and it's very effective. I went one size down on the shrimp so they'd be more managable. Thanks so much.

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          Steam and chill the asparagus with ice as soon as the cooking is completed..any size shrimp will work, just do not over-cook them

          1. re: nyfoodjoe

            Thanks for the chilling advice. Love that I can do ahead but realize the asparagus need to be firm. Do you ever steam asparagus in a microwave? I do both there and on the stove standing up.