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Mar 28, 2007 01:08 PM

Best Butter- European or American ? [Moved from The Best board]

Whee to find it?

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  1. European by a long way. I love the Kerrygold that Trader Joe's sells. TJ's also sells a 'European style' butter, never tried it or paid it much attention but they do carry it.

    European is a lot more creamy in taste and texture.

    1. Whole Paycheck... ahem, Whole Foods - that always-growing, market-controlling monopoly, carries lots of good euro-style (higher-fat) butter. My standard is Lurpak from Denmark. I also like Vermont Butter & Cheese (they have a couple of grades). You could buy one of each kind they have and see which one you like. Then, do as I do, and keep an eye out for some place cheaper to buy the brand you like. My local grocery chain had a bunch of Lurpak salted for $2.89 per 1/2 lb - that's normally $3.95 at WP. Rip-off deluxe - I would never, ever shop there - and I would certainly never recommend them to a friend or here at CH, but like I said, they're a monopoly - there's nobody else.

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        European by a long shot...Much better...Whole Foods or any gourmet food store

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          European, I agree ... is it because it's a bit saltier? When I moved here, I had a hard time with "lightly salted" American brands and assumed that was probably why.

        2. re: applehome

          Another vote for Lurpak. I first encountered this butter in Italy of all places. Was thrilled to finally find it here in L.A. European butter is far superior.

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            I agree 100% percent, Wholefoods is the biggest ripe-off! Unfortunately, some great foods are available exclusively to Wholefoods, which limits me to paying their ridiculous, high prices. It would be nice to have some of these items at different markets.

          2. European butters are often spoiled by the time they get here, even at the best stores (e.g., Zabars).

            For richness and smoothness, there's nothing like the 86% butterfat stuff from Vermont Butter & Cheese. For taste, I actually prefer Buerremont 83%. Zabars has both.

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              Some European butters are cultured/aged in the same way cream cheese might be. I think that this is supposed to be part of the charm. I think that this and the butterfact content are the real difference in butters. If you are buying an 86% fat American butter, I think it will be as delightful as any European import.

            2. Even Costco sells Kerrygold 3 pack, great value. The best: Double Devon Cream Butter available at speciality shops, is hand patted I believe. Rich velvety slightly sweet flavor. Great with TJ crumpets.

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              1. re: sdft

                Love the Kerrygold, too...thanks for the costco tip

                1. re: sdft

                  I second the Double Devon Cream... it's great but I have trouble finding a way to keep the round package steady.

                  1. re: jim1126

                    Cut it in half down the middle so you have a "flat end".

                  2. re: sdft

                    Yes, Devon Double Cream Butter gets my vote as the very best too!

                    Believe it or not, my local Costco at one time carried it once in a two-pack! (I can't even get it at the local British food stores, and yet they had it at my Costco! Unfortunately it was there just once, never to return again...)

                  3. European style.
                    As to where, it depends on where you are apparently.
                    If you're in NYC, then Fairway would be the least expensive place for Luprak, Kerrygold, Celles sur Belles, Beurre D'Isigny, Kate's from Maine, (not sure if they have Vermont Butter and Cheese)..etc.

                    The Whole Foods at Columbus Circle location has non of the non-American selections.(i guess different locations may carry different items?) They do have Ronnybrook (whose heavy creme I love, but whose butter has not been anything special, strangely enough), and Strauss, which is really expensive, but also lacked any flavors.

                    Zabars has a lot of the European brands, more than Fairway, but pricier. Also, the one time I splurged and got the Devon Creme was moldy..$6 dollars down the drain. I didn't return.

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                    1. re: HLing

                      Horizon Organic... Inexpensive and available almost anywhere...

                      1. re: roux42

                        unfortunately, I've had not so good experiences with Horizon Organic, and I think also the Organic Valley brands. Something in there makes me break out, sort of like being a teenager again...It makes me wonder what part of their "organic"-ness is contributing to this...That's just me, though. I haven't heard anyone else complain.

                      2. re: HLing

                        Kerrygold Irish is the best!!! (whole foods or costco)