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Birthday dinner for two in South Bay?

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I would like to take my boyfriend out for his birthday on a weeknight. Would like to spend $50 or less for two if possible.

We have already tried 71 St. Peter, Manera and La Foret.

His current favorite is Mediterranean, Greek and Persian food so anything along those lines would be good. I'm willing to drive as far north as Palo Alto. I don't want it too upscale but would like to dress up a bit, no jeans since we wear that everyday. Something cute and romantic, not too loud.

Any recs would be appreciated.

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  1. I haven't tried it yet, but others have mentioned it before:
    La Pastaia, SJ for Italian food:

    website here:

      1. Based on your criteria, I'd suggest Chelokababi in Sunnyvale. When making the reservation, try to get a table in one the nooks for privacy and romance.


        I think it might be difficult to get away with dinner for 2 for $50 or less at Zitune.

        1. Thanks so much for the recs thus far. I thought about it and figured I could go for $100 for both. It's the least I could do I guess. ;-)
          Ok, now that that in mind, wich restaurants would work?

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            Zitune would be great. Cal/Moroccan, upscale but not too much, and not too loud. Evvia has fine food too, but it's one of the loudest places in the area.

          2. Well for Greek here in the South Bay - Evvia in Palo Alto is very popular. It is on the pricey side but since it is a birthday its fine. It may be a little loud because it is a very popular place but maybe make your dinner a little later in the evening. I also recently went to try Thea(Greek & Turkish) in Santana Row and had a good time there. The food was decent (kinda small portion) but it was tasty. The dining room was nicely decorated. Good luck!

            1. Another option for Mediterranean is Cafe Artemis in Campbell. Great food and priced well. My favorites are the small plates, 5 or 6 of them make a perfect meal for two. Lots of reviews on Yelp and a few comments posted here. Small and can be romantic, it also can be quite loud at times. I've been there 6 or 7 times and have never had a bad meal.


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                We actually go to Cafe Artemis already. Been there about 4-5 times. Love their food and like you, have never had a bad experience. I was looking for something a bit nicer than Cafe Artemis.
                I'm looking into Zitune and Evvia though I have had some coworkers tell me that Evvia isn't worth it.
                Any other recs?

              2. If you're willing to drive to Redwood City, try Mandaloun. I tried it about a month ago. My friends and I split 8 small/medium plates (no main courses) and they were mostly very good. Other than the drive, this place will definitely fit your criteria.